Are You Human Too? [너도 인간이니; Neodo Inganini]

As a person studying engineering, albeit not the IT, AI nor robotic technology, it is still difficult for me to accept this robot story..haha. I accept the fact that the robot can exist, but not as human as in NamSin3.

1) I find it difficult to accept that robot could be too much like human. With open mind, i’ll accept that technology will advance and we manage to create a robot like NamSin3, and after 20 years of development it will learn and adapt so much of human world. But robot is robot that was create using programming, thus it is difficult for me to accept the fact that NamSin3 could react on his own, giving so much personal and emotional respond. Perhaps if it show how much Dr.Oh input in emotional program into the system, then it may be believable.

2) With that in mind, it also disturbing to see So Bong is too much in love with the robot. I am too rational to accept So Bong behavior toward NamSin3. She so clingy, at some scene i wish she bit more rational. But i know, if that the case, the drama won’t be a drama 😂.

3) Why is the only way for everyone to be happy is by totally destroy the robot? I don’t get why everyone is having this mentality. But it won’t be a drama if this wasn’t the case, ain’t it? Hahahaha.

4) Why not just change his identity, change his face, do some reset. Where come the idea that the robot will blow up when the kill switch is activated? Why the kill switch need to be full shut down? Logically they will have some sort of data back up. Who in the world invest so much money in creation of a robot, but didn’t backup all the data? Or data to rebuilt the robot?

5) I do feel that Dr.Oh sacrifice is unnecessary. The robot is made of strong CNT and won’t be much destroyed after few drop of empty steel drum. In fact, carbon nanotubes is much stronger than steel. Why not use the robot as your sheild instead?

6) This is one drama where i notice there is too much wrist grab 🤣🤣😂😂😅

7) This is one drama where the robot can learn to be emotional, but don’t know how to defend themself. You have all the video to show you are innocent, can do all the video playback, why didn’t you just live stream to show you are innocent…aigooo. Runaway and hide, really? Thank God, Ye Na have bit of brain.

8) Rather than science fiction drama, this drama should be label as melo drama..haha.

9) I’m happy the moment I see Kim Won Hae play as So Bong father. Somehow this ahjusshi become one of my favorite actor. He so talented and versatile, should watch him in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, deabak 👍.

Could you believe this is same person. I just finish While You’re Sleeping just before this drama, thus have very strong feeling on this ahjusshi

10) When Mr.Seo reappear at the company, why all the top management gather and discuss in the front entrance lobby? Again the logic me say, top management should be discreet enough not to argue at such public space 😅.

Seriously in the front lobby?

11) This drama reminds me of the Japanese version of Absolute Boyfriend. It is also a robot-human love story, but it is more convincing than this drama. Bianhe for the comparison 😅.

12) The M-City presentation is brilliant. Robot should showcase what a robot can do. Those IoT technology is genius. A lot of robot ability that was shown in the drama is awesome.

13) The ending about the new chairman perhaps the only rational decision they make. Haha.

I enjoy this drama. I wish that my brain didn’t do too much logic and rational thinking while watching this drama. The idea is great. It is fresh to have this sort of story.

I shall salute on the production, while there some obvious lacking in some parts, the fact thay can do smooth scene where both characters of Seo Kang Joon was shown is great.

Do watch it if you haven’t. It’s great story, just don’t be too rational and logical while watching it..haha.

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