Remembering Jonghyun

Exactly a year ago, i wrote a memoirs of Ashie unnie. Today, it’s already a year unnie left us. But I still remember it, the feeling i had a year ago still didn’t leave me. It’s a sudden news to me. I was never prepared for that. And up until now, it’s still feel like unnie never leave us.

But again today, I wrote another tribute post. Our dear Jonghyun passed away last monday, without any sign or warning, not giving us any time to prepare for this.

I’m not a Shawol, that what’s Shinee fans are called. But ironicly, he is among the first korean singer that i blog about. Discover him singing beautifully back in February 2009, more than 8 years ago. There’s one time where I want to start following this group. Can’t remember when, but probably around this time. I watch almost all their MV and some variety show. But i give up on following the group as it is too much to keep up..haha. And i stay loyal to TVXQ.

In a twist of fate, Shee-chan leave her first comment in my blog in the exact same blog post back in February 2009, so i can say our friendship start there? Haha.

As time pass by, i do enjoy their singing and random videos online. I add ‘Lucifer’ in my playlist and keep on repeating that song (please don’t tell malaysian i keep listen to a song name Lucifer..haha, hilang akidah katanya nanti). And somehow i proud, regardless of what happen within k-pop industry, the 5 of them stay together.

For someone whom occasionally follow Korean entertainment industry news, we all knew well on the dark side of it. Nothing much we can do other than supporting the artist by purchasing their albums or going to their concerts.

But here in Malaysia, some people can’t seem to accept any foreign culture. Some think hallyu wave is a cult. Something that will destroy our youth moral and faith. There’s too much hate and degrading going on social media at the moment. I even scared to open the Facebook now, too much hate.

You see, when you don’t understand something, you tend to reject everything. How on Tuesday everyone say depression could kill, and we all should be more understanding and spread love. Stop online bullying yada yada. Yet today, people make fun and degrading others who simply try to channels out their grief.

Me being myself, i hate to explain. People will only listen and believe what they want. I don’t care really. But please stop the hate. Keep your degrading comments or opinion to yourself. Stop online bullying that perhaps you unconsciously do.

Antara perkara yang selalu ditekankan waktu sesi usrah yang aku pernah join lama dulu ialah ‘bersangka baik’. Dulu aku hairan juga, kenapa bersangka baik? Kenapa bukan aspek lain yang ditekankan?

Makin lama makan garam di dunia ni, baru kita sedar, manusia di sekeliling kita ini tidaklah sebaik yang disangka. Di hadapan kita, sungguh manis senyum dan kata, namun menikam belakang dengan kata nista dan umpat yang tak dijangka. Menghukum dan memaki hamun bagai diri sendiri sudah dijamin syurga. Realiti. Inilah hidup.

“Kutimbang tanpa neraca di awal usia
Kudihukum masuk neraka oleh manusia.”

Tapi fitrah hidup ini, jika kita fikir yang baik, maka kita akan jumpa kebaikan. Jika kita fikir yang buruk, kita akan hanya nampak keburukan. Maka tanya diri kita, bila sesuatu berlaku, adakah hati kita pilih untuk lihat kebaikan atau keburukan?

Setiap apa yang berlaku, Allah juga sedang uji apa reaksi kita. Do you still treat people with kindness, or do you treat them bad?

Jika betul ada silap, tegurlah dengan berhikmah. Santuni fiqh dakwah. Ajari dan tunjuk apa yang betul, dengan penuh kelembutan sebagaimana sunnah Nabi. Berhenti dari asyik menghukum, kita tak tahu duduk perkara sebenar.

Cukuplah depresi meragut nyawa Jonghyun, jangan biar ada mangsa lain pula. Stop online bullying.

This accident give me a lot of mixed emotion. But it is nothing compare to what’s Shinee members and people who knew Jonghyun feel at this moment. Everyone is at grief. Please be kind (i don’t even know why i even ask for this). Everyone journey is different. You didn’t know the impact of somebody to other people life. You may not know Jonghyun, but for others he might be their world.

And to Dear Cloud Nine, thanks for being there for Jonghyun. I can feel that this song was for him. Even Jonghyun update on this song too. The lyric means a lot. And even after this song, it still can’t stop him do what he does. Perhaps it is really his time.

“I don’t care who are you or what you do, but please remember that there’s someone out there who loves you more than you love yourself. I’m rooting for you, I love you” -Onew

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