TEKLA: Change assembly / panel numbering manually

Numbering is unique ID for each panel or assembly in TEKLA modelling. Sometimes the number messed up and you want to re-arranged it manually (because the automatic setting just won’t pick up the arrangement that you want). Sometimes you need to change the number in order to clone drawing from previous panel with different prefix name. For whatever reason, this is the easy way to re-number them:

1. Use “Select Component” Mode.

2. Select the panel you wish to amend.

3. At “Drawings & Reports” tab –> Change Number –> Change assembly number. The above dialog box will be shown.

In the above example, panel 06PWN3X have “1” numbering, but “1” suppose to be at other panel. So i need to change this panel number before i can use number “1”. For ease, i’ll change it to 9.

So, old number is 06PWN3X-1. The new numbering will be 06PWN3X-9. I usually use “Selected Objects only”. Click “Assign”.

4. If you need to generate or clone drawing, perform numbering.

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