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I watch the j-dorama: Densho Otoku, long ago. I can’t really remember the details except for the main plot and one of the geek is played by Shin Oguri (hahaha, bias sangat).

Credit pic as per watermark

This story revolve around an anonymous chatting thread on 2-channel that was very popular in Japan. People can share everything there. I suppose it is like the forum board website, where a lot of different chatting board for different topic. There is thread for people in relationship, and there’s a thread for single people to share their daily mundane life. And most of the single people are introvert otoku whom don’t have experience in relationship.

Characters in Densha Otoko drama

One day, an Otoku (geeky introvert nerd whom by nature usually not outspoken) help to stop a drunk passenger from harassing women in a train. It escalate to point that they all need to go to police station and solve it there. The women are very thankful and ask for the Train Man address to send a thank you gift.

So as usual, the Train Man share this random story on the board. The next day, Train man received gift from two lady, one from one of the older lady, and another one is from the young lady that sit next to train man during the accident. From there, some chat member suggest that Train Man try to contact the young lady hoping miracle could happen from there. It happen that the gift the lady gave is a cup set from expensive brand HERMAS. Thus giving strong reason to contact the lady and thank her personally. As things progress, Train Man keep on posting about what happen and keep seeking advice from the thread.

I happen to found this book on sale at one of local book store around December 2010, lol 7 years ago. It interesting and easy to read as it is in chat format. I read about one third of the book before forgetting about it on the book shelve. So recently I wanted to try finish reading this book, and so sad to see the book condition become very bad already…huhu.

After 7 years, it become very bad

People say books can become records of civilization. So here it is, the manual emoji used long before our current colourful emoji:

Yes, this is how it is back during the chatting era.

While reading this book, I love how random strangers can become very supportive. People are naturally good people. Love the spirit display on the thread.

Super cute ne. Wonder how long did they type this…

I’m not sure if you can find this book in book store anymore. It is super old book, tho it is once a best selling books. If you happen to come across one, do grab it if you like lite reading.

Date complete reading: 2 September 2017

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