Capsule Hotel, KLIA2 review

Capsule is located at Level 1 of KLIA2, near the bus area. You can book either from their website or thru agoda. The price at agoda is slightly expensive than the website after tax & service charge, but if you have credit card that offers discount, it can be cheaper.

Walk-in price
Online booking price for 1 person via
3 hours: RM50
6 hours: RM75
12 hours: RM95
Agoda Display Price: RM85.76
Total Price: RM100 (10% service charge & 6% GST)
after CIMB 7% discount: RM94.01
charge to my card: RM94.76 (0.8% CC border fees)
CIMB Cash Rebate 5% = RM4.74
Actual price i pay: RM90.02 for 12 hours stay

The sleeping unit are called CapSpace. You can refer all the details in their website HERE.

The check in process is easy. They provide you with towel, 500ml drinking water, toothbrush & mini toothpaste. Big locker is available, located near reception area.

Inside Capsule KLIA2. Although this is FEMALE area, but male staff freely walking around to clean up used CapSpace.

The area within this hotel can be very confusing, no clear signage on where is where. CapSpace is easy to find, but not the washroom (the signage is too small.. it’s not visible at all). The toilet is located near the female area main door entrance. It is small, few cubicle of shower & few cubicle of toilet; but decent to take shower etc. Body wash, shampoo & big mirror provided in each shower room. Water pressure is good with cold & hot water. Hand wash, tissue paper & hair dryer are provided too.

My capspace is located at end of second floor, near the bus area. It is quite area here, but if i need to go to toilet, i need to use the staircase that openly visible from the reception area & public chairs in front of it; thus i need to dress properly if i need to go to toilet. The same case with locker that located in front area. There’s also a changing room available.

My CapSpace…kalau dapat pintu tepi ni best juga, xde la rasa macam keranda sangat walau sebenarnya sama je saiz…haha

The capspace itself is really spacious & cozy. I have decent 6 hours of sleep. The height within capspace probably around 155 – 160cm. I am 160cm tall; and i can perform my prayer standing in the capspace (with my head & shoulder slightly lowered down). Very comfortable but the air conditioner is bit cold, thus i’m keep on wrapping myself under the thick soft blanket.

There is a veil to make your capsule fully covered, yet properly ventilated but not sound proof. During my lucky night, people snooring can be heard, the air con sound was heard all the time, and people walking here and there in morning. If you are too sensitive with all the sound, this place probably not for you. But for me, i still have great sleep & shower here, thus really worth it considering the price and safety (yup, i do feel safe here tho i always carry my valuable with me even to toilet.. haha. There’s actually a small box within the capsule unit where you can lock with your own personal lock, but i only notice that in the morning.. lol.

Reading / Lepaking area at the back

Overall, its a good stay & worth the price. Hope my review can help you decide on your accommodation.. hehe.

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