Twenty Again [두번째 스무살 / Dubeonjjae Seumusal = “Twenty Years Old for the Second Time”]

Episode: 16
Channel: tvN
Original Run: August 28 to October 17, 2015
Cast:  Choi Ji-wooLee Sang-yoonChoi Won-young, Kim Min-jae, and Son Na-eun
Writer: So Hyun-kyung
Lelaki, kalau nak belajar untuk jadi romantik (atau lebih tepat “how to take care of your woman”), tengok la drama ni..hoho. Cukup dalam drama ni tunjuk what kind of jerk u shouldn’t be…and what kind of gentlemen you should be..haha.
Twenty Again is awesome drama. Mengisahkan Ha No Ra yang bercerai setelah 20 tahun berkahwin, yang tiba-tiba merasa betapa dia ‘hilang’ masa muda belianya..hilang cita2nya. Story of how she find her true self again, discovering what she have lost throughout the time that has pass. And to learn that you yourself is the most important, that the past cannot be undone. And to live at the moment, as the present will make the future.
This is that kind of drama that make feel “urmm, I want to fall in love”. “Yes, i want to find that kind of caring & loving man, i no deserved less”. 

Overall, drama ni sgt buat kita excited & nak tau how they develop..hihi. I do hope there more scene of them at school, or more dancing scene. But indeed its not the genre i should just satisfy. Ending is satisfying and cool. Couldn’t ask for more..hihi. 
yup….me too…haha
Watching this drama reminds me on some decision or things that I didn’t do or know before. Why i didn’t think about study abroad. Why I didn’t know about working holiday visa until its too late. Why I never seriously think on what kind of career i really want to do or what i should study? I always end up just follow the flow. I only thought about where am I in next 5 years, i never seriously think or imagine about what happen 20 years from now.
But the past cannot be undone. Yet perhaps i still can plan for future. It’s never too late.

owh…i just want to paste this here…haha

Owh dear…it’s now 4am…i should really sleep now =_=””
p/s: This is the same writer of Brilliant Legacy & 49 Days. Will watch out for more of her drama 🙂

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