Korea 2012: Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju

Gyeongju, 19 October 2012.

Gyeongju map that we get from tourist information kiosk. It’s good to start your day by visiting the kiosk to ask for direction, bus number, where to wait etc. They usually prepare with bus numbers for attraction that we want to go.
Initially, I don’t intend to go to Bulguksa Temple because it seem far for me. I travelling alone anyway. But luckily I met Helen & she ask me to go to Bulguksa Temple & Seokguram Grotto together. After long and relexing breakfast at our guesthouse, we walk toward tourist Information Kiosk in front of the train station. The officer there are really helpful in providing info to us.
From Gyeongju train station (not Singyeongju KTX station) or bus terminal, you can take Bus 10 or 11 to any of famous interaction in Gyeongju. The different between bus route is that, Bus 10 will use road along Bomun Lake first heading to Bulguksa Tample area, before return using road along Gyeongju National Museum / Anapji Pond. Bus 11 is in reverse order (it’s like circle). With this being said, if you wish to go to Anapji Pond from train Station, wait for Bus 11. In case you want to go to Bomun Lake first, then take Bus 10. Or else you will go long circle before reaching your destination.
We have no problem reaching Bulguksa Temple. We know that’s our destination as most of people in bus alight here.
Main road where the public bus stop. In autumn, even road side can be so beautiful.

There’s a big parking space at entrance, with Tourism Information Kiosk, Multimedia Kiosk, Public Toilet & ticket counter. Entrance fee for Bulguksa Temple is 4000won (in 2012).

Multimedia kiosk….if i’m not mistaken…lol…cannot remember the buildings anymore…haha
Beautiful public toilet..

We need to walk about 10 minutes through beautiful parks before reaching the temple. There’s few seller selling snacks, drinks & other stuff. There’s even a fortune teller here. I’m actually curious with the local food. At this time, I don’t really know about the local food because I assume it’s not Halal..hehe. Missing some of good stuff like odeng… lol.

vendors along the road
very beautiful pond in front of Bulguksa Temple entrance
Temple’s Gate
can’t really get decent picture here as there’s so many tourist here
beautiful lawn
I’m so glad that I follow Helen that day. This place is so beautiful. We spend lots of time here casually taking pictures.
colours of autumn
from the upper level
stacks of rocks
Cafe, souvenir shops and surrounding area
Beutiful is understatement
beautiful landscaping
we rest a while here while having lite lunch. Helen bought odeng, i didn’t know it just fish cake so i skip & just eat tuna sandwich
We are at Bulguksa Temple from 10am to 2pm. We head to the information kiosk to ask about Seokguram Grotto, but the officer there not really friendly & helpful. From Bulguksa, take bus number 12 to Seokgurum Grotto. Last entrance is one hour before closing time (around 4.30pm). Calculating the time to wait for bus & walking toward the main attraction, we conclude that it is already very late & decide to just return to Gyeongju downtown. 

While waiting for bus, we go the Rumor Pang Cafe that located just across of Bulguksa entrance. Each city or town in Korea usually have at least one significant local product, and in Gyeongju, it’s their red bean bun (bun = pang in Korean language).

while waiting for bus
While riding the bus towards downtown Gyeongju, I hear announcement about Shilla Millenium Park. That is my initial target destination so Helen & I split here. I alight the bus while Helen continue her journey going to Seoul. Wait for my next entry on my epic lost…again…haha.

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