[Accommodation] Shillabang Guest House, Gyeongju, South Korea

Hanok ialah istilah bagi rumah tradisional Korea. Senibina rumah ini unik. Bayangkan ratusan tahun dahulu, tanpa elektrik, rumah ini mampu memberi haba ketika musim sejuk, dan mampu mengekalkan kesejukkan semasa musim panas.

Ondol ialah jenis tempat tidur tanpa katil & hanya menggunakan lapisan cadar tebal. Ondol is a bed-less sleeping place that using only mattress. This is Korean traditional way of sleeping.
I book this accomodation via Agoda. RM132.95 per night. Spacious room with attached bathroom, room is big enough for 2-3 person. Wifi is excellent in room. TV provided in a room too.
They have common room that have kitchen & computer for everyone use. You are free to cook in the kitchen. Coffee and bread available for breakfast.
The lady owner is very helpful, talk very basic English. She teach me on how to use the heater, but I don’t really understand it, so I just leave it at default setting. In morning, I felt so cold that I decide to go out with 3 layers of cloths..haha. Later I found out from Helen that we can adjust the heater. paboo me.

We chit chat for quite some time in next morning (Helen is the one that asking a lot, I’m blur & empty-headed all the time..haha). I ask if I can stay for another night, but lady owner say they are fully booked. But she help me book a nearby hostel and giving me direction to go there.
There’s 4 guest room in this house, and the owner have another guesthouse. This place is very quite, I didn’t see anyone else except owner’s family & Helen, so I’m surprise when she say the room is fully booked. Thinking about it again, I probably won’t met Helen if we arrived at different time. I’m just so glad I met her. We still keep in touch until today and I’m looking forward for chance to met her again.

They have one small room where Helen and I left our laugage before going out. The checking out is really simple, just leave the key at the room door. I believe most of the time, guest will come in the room on their own, no check in whatsoever, as she left the lock & key at the room door with notes if she’s not around..hehe.
It was pleasant stay indeed. Highly recommended.

(click picture to enlarge)

1) At the 3-way intersection, you can see Gyeongju Station (for normal train, not KTX), International Bank of Korea (IBK) & Standard Chartered buildings. Go to Standard Chartered side (but not really walking past SC), during daytime it usually become roadside market (see umbrella).

2) Go into the junction (look at the map), at Standard Chartered side walk toward Korea Exchange Bank (KEB). Across KEB you can see GS24 mart.

3) Walk into an alley just after KEB
4) Walk pass the yellow fin building, its a clinic if i’m not mistaken.
5) You will pass by a market. I think this market cross thru until Standard Chartered area, not too sure as I don’t really explore.
6) There’s a salon just before Sillabang Guesthouse.
7) You can see the signboard after the salon. Turn right to get to the entrance.
8) There’s block of PC Bang in front of the guesthouse.

Note: The day time picture is taken with direction from the guesthouse, so you should walk toward camera direction. Night time picture is from KEB towards guesthouse. This pictures is taken in October 2012, surrounding building may change now.

Local market near Shillabang Guesthouse, Gyeongju

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