Blood [블러드]

Episode: 20
Channel: KBS2
Original Run: February 16th, 2015 – April 21st, 2015
Cast: Ahn Jae Hyun, Ji Jin Hee, Ku Hye Sun
Writer: Park Jae Bum
OMG…what the hell with the ending?
First of all, I don’t blame Goo & Ahn acting. They are very good at it, I blame the writer for setting crappy line to portray bratty side of Yoo Ri Ta, yes I’m talking about episode 2. There’s lot of crappy feel so wasted when the plot is actually very solid.
And what happen, after suddenly know he’s vampire & he’s the one that save her, she change 180° towards Park Ji Sang? From annoying enemy become suddenly wierdly affectionate toward Ji Sang.
And in the end, what is the weapon to change them back to be human? A steel? Seriously? They self-healing after wound, but that big steel will kill them? is there’s same sort of antidotes inside? we don’t know as the ending is hanging just like that.
What happen to the rest? If Director come back alive and old to reflect is real age, mean, Ga Yeon will just be around 55 years old…still live & kickin’…but we don’t know. I feel it best if they just end with all of them are die.
What the point actually they going to Romania? Just to show there’s lot more affected with virus, and suddenly the two reunited there? Are they coming together?  is the book ‘beauty & beast’ just show that  Ji Sang still have his virus in, thus why he still not aging.
I read from some other site (I don’t like ending that I need to read from other source to understand… aigooo). Doctor Jung say since Ji Sang blood is so powerful, he can live without heart, explaining why he still alive after dying. And still how did he revive back? Or did he not die at all?
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