[Korea 2012] Anapji Pond & Cheomseongdae, Gyeongju

I met Helen on my first day arriving in Gyeongju. As I told in my previous post, I have a hard time finding my guest house, thus the lady owner come & pick me up…LOL. She’s a sweet lady, staying with her little son & husband in the hanok style guest house.
Soon after I arrived at the guesthouse, Helen arrived too. She travelling alone around Korea, and just came from Busan.   Envy that she even manage to get to Jeju..(OMG why I still haven’t go to Jeju-do yet?). She manage to find the guesthouse on her own, so I immediately greet her.
Helen then ask me if I want to follow her going to Anapji Pond..hell yes, that much better than just spending the night in the hanok. She also invite me to go find dinner too, but too bad I have bought MCD burger all the way from LCCT for my dinner (I also don’t think it will easy to find Muslim-friendly food there…hehe).
Truth is, even though I have a courage to travel alone, I’m still afraid to go out alone at night. This is the first time I’m going outside Malaysia after all. Thus I didn’t plan any night activity at all..haha. On my first week in Korea, I only go out when the sun still shine & try going back to hostel as early as I can..hehe.
Gyeongju town at night…belum 7pm dah gelap cemni…autumn..hehe
We initially walk from guest house, but we took a  wrong road. I have a feeling we taking wrong road as that is exactly the road I use walking from the bus terminal earlier, carrying the heavy backpack for almost half an hour. Hahaha. So mid-way, as it is obvious that we lost our way, we start asking the local and one ahjumma from a local cloth store try to help us regardless our lack of mutual language. Till today, I do feel that whenever we communicate with the local, it always become one thing that I remember the most. We have fun trying to figure out how to communicate. The ahjumma have trouble to find direction on map as our map is in English, so she say something like ‘the map should be in Korean’…but well of course it cannot be in Korean as that will make it difficult to us..hehe.
One thing I should mention here is, on my first trip to Korea, I seriously can’t talk Korean at all. I haven’t memorize the hangul alphabets and koreans numbers at all. I only depend on some very basic words like ‘olmaneyo’, gwenchana, annyeonghaseyo, odegayo….very very basic. I didn’t improve much during my 2014 trip anyway…haha *sigh*.
After that, we dicide to take a taxi to Anapji Pond…haha…the fare is really cheap as it is not that far…I think my share is about 1900won only. Entry fee to Anapji Pond is 1000won if I’m not mistaken.(ni la aku suruh tulis awal-awal…dah nak 3 tahun….semua dah lupa, nota perbelanjaan tulis dalam phone pun dah hilang….lol)
In the foreign land, tiredness make us doubt ourself. That day, after such long journey, I almost lost my spirit to travel..hehe. But, a trip to Anapji Pond uplift my travelling spirit again. This place is soo soo beautiful, that i feel that all the hard work to reach there is totally worth it. Some picture taken around Anapji Pond (you can click to enlarge):

It was really cold in Anapji Pond. We spent only less then 1 hour here..nothing much really. I just a park with a pond. Highly recommended to come at night during autumn season. We then walk to Cheomseongdae,which is just across the Anapji Pond. You can see the observatory from main road. Walk about 5 minutes to see it closer.

Cheomseongdae, means star-gazing tower in Korean, is the oldest surviving astronomical observatory in East Asia. Constructed under the reign of Queen Seondeok, dated to 7th century to the time of kingdom of Silla. One of strong reason why I wanted to come to Gyeongju is beacause of this monumen..memang kuat efek drama Queen Seon Duk (2009).

Cheomseongdo is located within a park. It’s so beautiful here..and so cold too..haha. We took about 25 minutes to walk back to guesthouse. The street is almost empty, we hardly see anyone tho it’s just 9pm. Glad that I’m not alone. But it feel good to walk around in this quite town.

Even after 3 years…I still can wrote this long eh? hahaha…

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