How to earn more AirAsia BIG Points & MAS Enrich point

Estimate rate: 100 BIG Points = RM1 AirAsia flight value (may differ)


Loyalty Cards that offer AirAsia BIG points redemption

BP Cards:

100 points = 50 BIG

I have Kenny Rogers Roasters Bcard. Every RM1 spent at KRR will receive 1 Bpoints. So for every quarter meal (RM21) will get 21 points.
My transaction at other partner, i receive 1 BPoint for every RM5. Rate may be differ according to partners.

BPoint Notes:
2000 BP = 1000 BIG (RM10)
1900 BP = RM20 Agoda Voucher
1961 BP = KRR Quarter Meal Voucher (RM21)

Petronas Mesra Cards:

500 points = 300 BIG (RM3)
Earn 1 Mesra Point for every 1 liter of petrol or every RM1 spent at Mesra store. Can redeem petrol 100 points = RM1 ==> 500points = RM5.


Earn 3 BIG Points for every SGD$1 spent.

Earn up to 10 BIG Points for every RM1 spent.

Credit Cards that offer mileage redemption

– Air Asia BIG Points

Citibank Air Asia Credit Card:
Current promo welcome gift: Huawei Tablet at Ringgitplus

1500 points = 500 BIG

First RM500 –> 1 points per RM1 spent
Next RM501-RM2499 –> 1.5 points per RM1 spent
Next RM2500 & above –> 2 points per RM1 spent
– spent RM1500 to get 500 BIG points (RM5 AA cost); RM2500 to get 1000 BIG (RM10)
*assume all split expenses under RM500 per transaction
{conversion points is revised from 1250 to 1500 points)

Maybank AMEX Cards:
7420 points = 1000 BIG

RM1 = 5 TP (except gov, edu & insurance 2TP)
spent rm1484 to get 1000 BIG (RM10)
*it’s more rewarding to use TP for Pay-by-Points (7000 TP = RM28)

if only gain 2TP for every RM1, then need to spend RM3710 to get 1000 BIG 
(RM1855 –> 500 BIG)

Standard Chartered World Miles:
*MAI = RM100k
SC Welcome Gift = 25000 BIG upon card activation (worth RM250) or 30000 from RinggitPlus

1000 WM Points = 1000 BIG Points or 1000 MEM

Swipe RM3 locally or RM2 overseas to get 1 WM Points
– spent RM3000 locally OR RM2000 overseas to get 1000 BIG (RM10)
**i love this card, but they charge RM15 MONTHLY on second year onward…huhu

RHB Visa Card:
6000 Points = 1000 BIG.
10400 Points = RM50 AA Voucher

Spent (travel stuff) RM1 to get 2 RHB points. Others are RM1 get 1 points.

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum:
*MAI = RM60k
3000 points = 1000 BIG

2 points / RM1 overseas spent 
1 points on every RM1 local spent

5000 points = 1000 BIG

Public Bank:
7000 points = 2000 BIG

MAS Enrich Miles (MEM):

RHB Cards:
1750 RHB points = 500 MEM (Travel Money Card) ; 3500 points = 1000 MEM
3000 RHB points = 500 MEM (other cards)

Maybank Cards:
4500 TP = 1000 MEM (Infinite Cards)
5000 TP = 1000 MEM (World Master Cards)
7000 TP = 1000 MEM (others)

CIMB Credit Card:
6000 CIMB Points = 1000 MEM
Every RM1 spent = 1 Bonus Points.

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum:
6000 Points = 1000 MEM

Citibank Credit Card:
7500 @ 7800 = 1000 MEM
update effective 1 April 2015: 8500 @ 8800 MEM
* i don’t even know the differents

CC Instant Redemption Benefits

Citibank CC (selective cards):
Instant Redemption: RM1 = 240points
update effective 1 April 2015: RM1 = 400 points

Redeem Anything, Anywhere: RM1 = 250points
update effective 1 April 2015: RM1 = 400 points

CIMB Pay By Points:
Every 200 Bonus Points = RM1, minimum RM25 or 5000 Points

Maybank AMEX Pay By Points:
Every 250 TP (every RM50 spent) = RM1

BIG Points VS Cash Back VS Pay by Points:

Citibank: RM1250 = 500 BIG = RM5

HSBC 0.2% Cashback: RM1250 = RM2.50 CB
CIMB CR 0.2% Cashback: RM1250 = RM2.50 CB

CIMB: RM1250 = 1250points = RM6.25

This is the reason why I do this exercise. To see which redemption or which card can give more. For example it is more worth to use Bcard point for KKR meal redemption OR use Mesra point to redeem petrol. But if you need AirAsia BIG point more, and rarely eating at KKR, decision may change. Likewise, since I have HLB Wise Card, it is better to benefits it’s 10% cashback & use the point for BIG redemption instead.

Good thing is now I know which card to use for normal transaction. Usually I was blinded by 0.2% cashback by CIMB Cash Rebate Card or HSBC Amanah Card. Now it is proven that CIMB Gold card can give better reward. Bad new: CIMB didn’t offer  BIG point conversion, and only selected merchant to use ‘pay-by-point’. So since my ultimate goal is to get free flight (hehe), thus I’m change all my insurance, gym payment & other expenses to my Citibank Card.

This post emphasis more on BIG point because AirAsia redemption require much less point compare to MAS Enrich. In fact, i never redeem from MAS. My 1000 Enrich points even expire last year…wasted just like that. 

Another important reminder is, whenever you fly with AirAsia, we can claim the BIG point just by providing booking no, flight no & departures date. I make big mistake in 2013, i fly a lot for work. Since the ticket was booked by company, I never knew that I can actually claim those BIG points..huhu.

Important note:
1) Please do your own study base on your own spending habit & target; and which card facility that you have. This is my case, yours might differ. I hold no responsibility if you ever lost anything due to this post.
2) Credit card golden rule: Never give money to bank, earn from them instead. Always pay full payment your card usage within 20-days interest free period. If you ware charge interest, this whole exercise is meaningless. What you should do –> keep the card in your house drawer, don’t use it until you settle all your CC debt.

p/s: yes, I do have 5 different credit cards in hand…hahaha

Note: Refer HERE for all AirAsia BIG partners

MAI = minimum annual income
AF = annual fee

log: updated AirAsia BIG conversion points as of October 2015.

3 thoughts on “How to earn more AirAsia BIG Points & MAS Enrich point

  1. Hi Huru, do you know that you can redeem AirAsiaBIG points during zero/low fare sales (Quarterly), and Final Call (every 1st week monthly)? In that way your BIG points' value will definitely be more than RM0.01. I just used 25,000 BIG points to redeem 4 pax returned flights from Kuala Lumpur – Phuket (RM63 per pax). Normal fare will cost me around RM360 returned ticket per pax. So the value is 5 times more… for you to consider.

  2. I just love to read your post although I am not reading it carefully one by one (since many of conversion points does not relates to me).

    But what I can say is that I change my spending habits because of I am in need of a free flight for my holiday. Thus I did several things include:
    1. Apply Citibank Air Asia credit card
    2. Spend more and more in Paradigm Mall (the points for BIG points is double on weekdays).
    3. Buy every promo Air Asia has for getting tons of BIG points such as "RocketMiles"

    Now I am proud to say, I have 30,000 BIG points within a year 2015 and I am really happy to see your post because there are people like me in this world (my friends are not so keen in collecting points and some do not have credit cards). 🙂

  3. Hello, found your blog thru Google. I am a comper person and have won quite a bit including free trip to Europe, but unfortunately I have only just properly realized the benefits that credit cards can offer. Previously I only thought that those credit card points can be used to redeem kitchen appliances etc, but I did not consider so much about its capability to convert to Enrich Miles (or Air Asia BIG points). I have just started with doing my research to get the max of the value, some of which I plan to do are:

    1. Apply for Maybank Islamic Visa Infinite – done
    2. Wait until I get Visa Infinite to do some big purchases (I paid for my home booking fee, purposely wait for the card)
    3. I plan to insist using my credit card to pay business ticket fares as I calculated it to have higher returns than my corporate credit card
    4. Fully maximise Maybank Islamic PETRONAS card by pumping more during weekends – previously I tak kisah sangat pun even though I do use credit cards for petrol
    5. Convert my Petron Miles to Enrich

    In my opinion, better to convert credit card points to Enrich Miles instead of BIG points. BIG points coz Air Asia is cheap, better just pay cash.

    Anyway, glad to find this article. Feel free to view my travel posts in my blog.

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