Kill Me, Heal Me [킬미, 힐미]

Episode: 20
Channel: MBC
Original Run: January 7th, 2015 – March 12th, 2015
Cast: Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Park Seo-joon, Oh Min-seok, and Kim Yoo-ri
Writer: Jin Soo-wan
omo omo omo…squeezeeeee..
Seriously, this is the best Korean drama I watch so far. Enough of its cute, adorable moment, funny scene that make us squeeze, understandable sad moment, twist of fate & hidden truth that seriously mind blowing…and the bestest of the most best OTP..owh I just love Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum chemistry since Secret Love..hoho.
Anyway, this drama is about Cha Do Hyun, whom due to childhood trauma, become someone with multiple personality disorder.
He most worried of Shin Se Gi, whom appear to be his aggressive side. But somehow I think Se Gi is quite cute & childish..remembering the spin wheel game is making me smile widely now…haha. And he keep bickering with Ri Jin especially at office, then interrupt by Secretary Ahn..aigoo so cute. Because he is created since Do Hyun is little boy, Se Gi is very childish. And funny how Ri Jin cutely tame him…LOL. But I also wonder where Se Gi name come from..I know his biomom is Shin…but I kinda hope there’s some sort of explanation like Perry Park name. (update: I found out that Se Gi name come from the match box, some sort of Korean brand name)
Ahn Yoo Na is everyone’s favourite. I can repeat the Hongdae scene over and over again. how I wish I can be there among the crowd to witness it..haha.
Ahn Yoo Sub is cute & very talented. I love the graffiti art he make (well I know someone else make it). Wonder if we can go there & take some Selfie…LOL.
Oh Ri On…I love you too. well, I wonder what happen to your movie? LOL. This remind me of the idol movie interview scene…hahaha…so bad & funny
The only thing I kind of hoping that, in the end all characters are combining & Do Hyun will somehow show those character… like wearing fashionable cloths like Se Gi, or writing poem or draws like Yo Sub. But well, it’s already 20 episodes anyway…haha.
Owh ya..I seriously love the OST. I thought it was Ali voice, but’s Jung Jea In…such haunting soulful voice. And I also love this kind of rap in this kind of song…suits the emotions for the entire drama. and the lyric is match well too.
Trivia note: This writer also write & win Writer of The Year for The Moon That Embrace The Sun.Writer-nim, I’ll look forward for your next drama ya.
I’m surely will rewatch this drama’s 10pm now..yaksokke.. 😉

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