[KOREA 2012]: Day 1 ~ Singyeongju Station, Gyeongju, Gyeongsang-do


Gyeongju is the historical city of South Korea. It is equivalent to Melacca of Malaysia, but in greater scale. The whole Gyeongju downtown is full scatter with royal tombs, temples, museum & historical places from way back since Shilla Kingdom Period, and most local house & building still using old-style roofing that give very ancient feeling to it; making the whole city as a one big open air museum.
Where is Gyeongju? It’s nearer to Busan than from Seoul. (image credit to worldofmaps.net)
Gyeongju from Seoul:
    • KTX express train –  2 – 3 hours (fares about 36 700 won to 47 100won, varies if you using KRpass) & stop at Singyeongju Station, somewhere 20-30 minutes from downtown Gyeongju via public bus.


    • The Saemaeul Train (First Class Train) or The Mugunghwa Train (Second Class Train) –  6 hours, fares 23 100won; stop at Gyeongju Station, right in middle of Gyeongju downtown)


  • Express Bus – 4 hours and 20 minutes (fares varies from 19 500won to 31 900won; Bus will stop at Gyeongju Terminal)

Gyeongju from Busan:

    • KTX Express Train: 26 minutes, 10 000 won (stop at Singyeongju Station)


    • Regular Train: less than 2 hours if from Haeundae Station, fares 5600won to 8400won (stop at Gyeongju Station)


  • Express Bus: 50 minutes from Busan Central Bus terminal (fares 4500won) {in 2014 trip, i use bus from Sasang Station direct to Gyeongju Terminal}
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Tips: It is highly recommended to take accommodation near either Gyeongju Bus Terminal or Gyeongju (Train) Station, because it is easier to find your hotel/guesthouse if you using public transport here. Local people didn’t understand English much, but tourism officer at tourist booth are fluent in English. Plus, both Bus Terminal and Train Station do have tourist booth, so it is easy to start your day by dropping by at the booth to ask for direction & transport guide.


View inside Shingyeongju Station (taken on the day I left Gyeongju actually, on 20th October 2012)


the roof structure is super amazing


Subhanallah…it’s so beautiful



I don’t take much picture inside of this station. As I come again here in 2014, i notice there’s few Gyeongju Bread store, convenience store and few eating places like LotteRia (Muslim can buy Shrimp Burger here, kat downtown geyongju payah nak dapat makanan as in meal yang halal).


View outside the station is superb anyway:


Sorry it’s kinda blur…but look, it soooo pretty here…You can see hills all around you. Owh wait, is that an escalator??
Singyeongju Station
Buses going to downtown Gyeongju, some direct to Bomun area and even to Bulguksa Tample; waiting not far from Station’s exit.

Haha…so that’s it…lol, take me forever to publish this entry. Will continue on my journey journal in another post 🙂

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