[Korea2012] Day 1: Kuching – LCCT – Incheon – Seoul – Gyeongju

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

7:10PM Departing Kuching International Airport, Kuching, Sarawak

8.50PM Arriving LCC Terminal, Sepang, Selangor

Travel Cost: Flight Tix RM29 (No Baggage)

Thursday, 18th October 2012

1.00 AM Departing LCC Terminal, Sepang, Selangor.

8.20 AM Arriving Incheon International Airport, Korea.

Travel Cost: Flight Tix RM 249 + Insurance RM24.50 + Processing Fee RM5 + Meal RM13 + Baggage 15kg RM50 = RM341.50

“We all travel for different reasons, and taking off solo trip seems to be a very powerful experience that will change not only how you view travel, but also impact who you are as a person” – Anonymous

My first solo trip outside Malaysia. Well, if consider my trip to a village at Brunei’s border few years back as not really going outside Malaysia (as I didn’t even undergone passport/security check to enter and stay there for a night); we can call this as my first official trip outside Malaysia too. Crazy right?

This is actually last year….mianhe mianhe….gila lama terperap gambar baru nak upload….lol

Pre-book International meal, i thought they gonna give me something like pasta or burger…unexpectedly they give me Kimchi Chicken Duruchigi rice. Tho I love Korean culture so much, I don’t really into their food..mianhe

I don’t know why I didn’t took much photo in Incheon Airport. Probably I’m too tired to took out the camera…lol.

I took my time at the terminal. Wash my face like normal morning routine (just that I didn’t know where to get morning shower…huhu). We took a train from arrival terminal to boarding terminal (will post picture of this area later during my journey back journal insyaAllah).  They have large baggage claiming area. I walk around for few minutes, clueless of which carousel for my fight’s baggage, and I can’t find my beg. I ask the airport staff, and they help me find my beg. Actually, because I was late, my beg was already taken to a side. The carousel will be busy for other flight, so they won’t let the beg on carousel for so long. But the airport staff is really helpful, so please ask them if you need any assistance.

Then again, taking my time asking question at the tourist information booth, request for map etc. Buy my T-money card, phone card, and train ticket to Seoul Station and Singyeongju Station. You can actually ask the staff at tourist booth to help you to book hotel room if you need too.



Leaving Incheon Airport to Seoul Station using Express Train. Quite empty right? Why? Because there’s few more cheaper alternative. This is why you need to study properly before traveling..hahaha. But as this is my first time arriving here, I try to use the safest method possible. It save time too as I still have long journey to go. And luckily there’s an AREX Direct Line promo price at that time, where the ticket is only 8,000won (about RM23), which is relatively cheap 🙂


So here is some option if we want to go to Seoul Station from Incheon Airport:
    1. Deluxe Limousine Bus cost 12,000won – 13,ooowon (about RM35).


    1. Standard Limousine Bus cost 7,500won – 8,000won (about RM21).


    1. Airport Railroad (AREX) Express Train: Direct non-stop from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station; 43 minutes; 13,300won (RM39). [current 2014 cost is 14,300 won]


  1. Airport Railroad (AREX) Commuter Trains: Stop at 9 stations between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station; 53 minutes, fare 4,050won.

#Price may varies now. RM – KRW conversion is rough estimate based on 2012-2013 conversion rates, rates may differ from time to time.


Just for clarification, in layman term,  AREX is ‘Airport Special Line’ (between Incheon Airport to Seoul Station and vice versa; either direct line or commuter line) similar to the ‘Metro/Subway’. Meanwhile KTX is ‘real train’ going from a city to another. KTX and AREX is under KORAIL.  Not to be confuse, AREX stop at Incheon Island (where the airport is); while normal subway stop at ‘mainland’ Incheon (Line 1 last stop is near China Town).


In the above picture, it is ‘Seoul Station’ for KORAIL service (KTX and AREX). It is connected to ‘Seoul Station’ for subway/metro. Look for a sign/direction of ‘METRO’ if you want to use subway from here (it’s about 5-10 minutes walk).

I book the 1.30PM to Singyeongju Station as I’m afraid I will miss the 12.30PM train. With heavy backpack, I can’t really walk around the station much. Thus I just wait at the staircase not far from train entrance.

Kat dalam area train ada je kedai runcit, tapi  macam mahal gila la…pastu time ni aku masih was-was mana satu halal, mana satu haram. Adik-adik sekalian, sila faham bebetul apa yang buat makanan jadi halal atau haram ye. Kat sini takdenya cop JAKIM. Jangan la korang buat selamba order McD ke KFC ke…ayam daging tu semua tak sembelih dik sayang oii. Ramyeon tu mostly ada daging ye, kalau teringin sangat, cari yang ada cop halal KMF (Korean Muslim Federation kot).  Even coklat atau biskut pun meragukan sebab kebarangkalian ada gelatin atau mengandungi sumber haram. Pringles oversea ni pun aku tak sure, even yang Malaysia punya pun aku tak beli…hahaha. Untuk rujukan boleh refer FB Halal Korea ni, banyak dah list halal haram 🙂


I made my first friend here in the train enroute to Singyeongju. She’s study in Pohong (about 1 hour bus ride from Gyeoungju, there’s no direct KTX to Pohong i believe). She is really friendly and we talk for a while. She share her experience backpacking to Turkey, and she offer me to show around Pohong or Seoul if we manage to meet again. But I didn’t contact her while I’m in Seoul, I believe she is busy with her study in Pohong at that time. I left the pamphlet where she wrote her  email address at my guesthouse in Seoul as I totally forget her email address is in there. Should let her wrote in my Korea guidebook instead. Really regret that I lost her contact info, now I can’t even recall her name too…paboo me 🙁

(update: I found in my old post in FB…her name is Yoon Yeon Hee…hope I can met her again one day)

Haha…it’s only up until mid-day of my first day here…lol. Will continue my Gyeoungju journey at later post.


p/s: kindly ignore my bad english…lol

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