Owh UKISS sudah ‘verified’

Dah hampir sebulan meninggalkan twitter dan personal FB….hohoho…survive jugak aku tanpa ada twitter dan facebook. Makin jimat bateri telefon aku…hahaha.

Sungguhpun ketinggalan kereta api sikit dengan perkembangan semasa, not to mention i miss out all my favourites artist and friends updates, tapi insyaAllah beri hikmah kepada perkara lain…hehehe.

A bit weird tho…i don’t have place to spazz anymore…hahaha. Nor did i have place to share for any simple thing that i do in a day. So what did i do in these few weeks?

Well, finish watching:

1) Dream High 2
2) Moon that Embraced the Sun

  • Super awesome drama..enough said..hohoho

3) Deep Rooted Tree

  • Another super awesome drama…so awesome how creation of Hangul can be made in such ‘full of thought’ drama

4) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

  • Surprisingly very good drama with solid plot…and…flower boys…hahaha

5) Accuracy of Death

  • Japan drama that i keep for so long…nice plot

6) Memiors of a Teenage Amnesiac

  • Another japan drama that i keep for so long..download it beacause Yuya Tegoshi, Maki Horikita and Kenichi Matsuyama are the main leads

7) Gossip Girl season 5 (up until ep 19<~~latest episode yo…hahaha)

8.) Skip Beat (up until ep 4)

  • Originally download it because of Donghae & Siwon..but as i read the manga, it actually really awesome manga..hopefully the drama can reach the manga expectation

9) A Love to Kill

  • This is another Korean drama that i keep for so long…glad that i watch it….super awesome drama with unique storyline..love and revenge…Rain is super awesome here. Tho i love Fullhouse, he didn’t really make me fall for him in that drama…but in this drama..it’s like it really suit him…hohoho..recommended to watch 🙂

Also have read Skip Beat Manga (up till the latest ep 186) and Naruto (now at chapter 139). I should read all my book collection but duh =__=””

Now i also have new hobby, uploading drama and some music collection to MediaFire. So far i only upload Rooftop Prince up to episode 4, anyone who want to download, please leave comments, i email links to you. It all for backup, but MediaFire have policies of sharing files to keep the file forever there…hahaha, so i guess i have to share all the backup files.

Lastly, so happy that U-Kiss is now ‘VERIFIED’ on twitter. Some kind of acknowladgement for them even they kind of underrated in Korea..huhu. Owh ya, last i heard they will do comeback in April <~~OMG i’m so lost…hahaha.



2 thoughts on “Owh UKISS sudah ‘verified’

  1. walopon aku jarang singgah sini, tapi thanks for the dramas review.. memang tengah carik drama pon nak tgk skang nie.. dah boring dah ngan running man.. kekadang jadik predictable plak running man tue.. 🙁

    1. hahaha…aku pun jarang2 tengok runningman…sekarang tengah layan We Got Married…sgt recommended tengok Adam Couple…hehehe

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