Dream High…2

I finish watching Dream High 2 yesterday. Get really hook on watching it. Personally i think it’s a great drama, all cast done well even when most of them are acting for the first time. Not sure is it because its too musical that the rating become so low, for me the plot kinda solid.

Watching this drama makes me think a lot too..

What is dream? What is real life? Do we really need to have extra-ordinary dream & persue ‘grand’ life?

No matter how much we work hard, in the end how actually we going to end up; or how we want the future to be?

Can we achieved our dream and become greater person after so much test in our life?

Or will we find other path or direction when we seem can’t pursue our original target?

Or probably thing will go wrong, forcing us to left our dream.

Or until forever…wondering what is our dream..and still figure out what we actually want to do in our life?

We never know are we going to end up to be Sin Hye Sung, Ri An, JB or Jin Yu Jin. But in either way, are we going to regret the choice we made today?

~ ~ ~

From this drama too, i listen to Se7en’ ‘When I Can’t Sing’ for the first time. And listening to it’s lyric…i can say it can be applied to everyone..for any profession they have

Even if I’ve lost it all
Even if my popularity drops
Even if I can no longer sing
Even if I enter another profession
For who I am, that being the only reason,
would you still love me?

Sonner or later this day will come (Will come)
The sound of outcries lessen
as I step down from the stage, oh
My shoulders sagging (Shoulders sagging)
When my head is bowed
Even then
By my side (By my side), will you remain there?

Love this song so much…aja-aja fighting!!! ^___^

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3 thoughts on “Dream High…2

  1. Ambe sempat tertengok episode bape tah yg ada lagu We are B B B…walaupun kita di kelas B tapi tak mustahil bole gi kelas A…besh2…hehehe

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