PLAY! FT ISLAND IN MALAYSIA 2012 (fancam & pics)


Quick update…yeah,i’m seriously stil not believe i’m meeting Lee Hong Ki…looking at him singing live in front of me…seeing his face alive…oh my jaremy!!!!!!

my tix ^__^ I actually buy the Buy 1 Free 1 DIGI Promo, so my rock zone only cost rm236 🙂

Yes, this is second time watching FT Island perform live after Korean Music Wave last year. During KMW, my sit quite far so i depend on big screen to see their faces, but during this concert…OOOO MYYYYYYY i looking at their faces directly!!!!!!

Okay, sorry for over spazzing. Anyway, only manage to upload one fancam so far. This is my all time favourite song, and gladly this vid turn out perfectly (tho their face not that clear, bit shaky plus the serounding scream…but heay i’m in Rock Zone so this is pretty good…hoho).

the stage, taken before the concert start

The concert schedule to start at 8.30pm, so we allowed to enter the stadium around 7.30pm. The guard kinda strict, we need to left out our drink bottle & they check our beg too. (I always find this rule absurd!!!…we going to crowded rock concert, need to scream but we don’t have drink supply to re-energize =__=”” )

During the whole concert, im amaze with Hongki…he keep singing and jumping (i even say to myself ‘did this kid take some kind of drug?’….lol). His voice amazing. And i notice all FT Island can sing well, tho Minhwan & Jonghun didn’t sing much that night. That quite impressive for an instrumental band.

One thing i notice during the encore (last 2 song)..they all using Play!FTISLAND official t-shirt that i have bought during that time i’m kinda spazzing “OMG i have that t-shirt too”…lol

Some of clear pic i manage to capture (…clear as in for normal cheap camera..tsk tsk) :

so pretty:


Other pics are quite bad…as expected too. I’m not taken much pic, mostly take fancam. My favourite is the one i upoaded above, Love Hurts…my all time favourite song. I can’t believe listen to this alive…kyaaa…

Not sure if i’m going to upload the rest. I recorded more than half song perform that night i guess…but most of it are shaky…hahaha. It’s more to remind myself that i really really have watch them perform alive….lol.

Just to share here, i also buy some gift for my new cute bias Jaejin & leader Jonghun…lol.I really just hope they received it…lol

ONE PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE…this the only monkey-d-luffy related stuff that i can find that saturday morning…lol…hope jeajin like this,not sure if he has time to solve it…lol


This guitar keychain really pretty..hope Jonghun like it…i almost buy ukelele for him but for first time i prefer to give small gift first…lol

That’s all from me tonight…lol actually i wanted to update on the video only but end up writing the whole thing. Hope to meet them again next year…hoho

p/s: spazzing allow in this post, so do tell me if any of you went to this 😉


5 thoughts on “PLAY! FT ISLAND IN MALAYSIA 2012 (fancam & pics)

  1. lol! so, your bias are Jonghoon & Jaejin?? Why we have to like the same person :P. How do you managed to give them the present??
    p/s BTW, i love the pic, cos most of them are leaders’ ^^
    went there too but with a complimentary ticket

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