Winner Announcement #GiveawaySpree Round 2: CNBLUE Sock


So here the list:


So the winners are:

Winner 1: Hxnis
twitter: @hxnis
fb: Ha Nis


Winner 2: Ezyan
twitter: @parakiss
fb: Ezyan Ahmad

#image missing

Winner 3: Amoi
twitter: @moimori
fb: Tee Ngin Rui

Winner 4: Mushai
twitter: @mushaizhi
fb: Mushaiyarah Bishri


Congrats. All winner MUST contact me via twitter to be final winner. As i’m very busy lately, i’ll give 48 hours for all winner to contact me via twitter (until 4th January 2012, 8pm). Earlier winner also can decide which sock they want (Yonghwa, JungShin, Jonghyun or Minhyuk).

Please also be reminded that the gift will only be post out after all #GiveawaySpree done, probably around March..hohoho.


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