Winner Announcement #GiveawaySpree Round 1: Keychain


so here the list randomize via list generator at

So the winners are:

Winner 1: nana johar
fb : nana johar
tw : @nhk_nanajohar

Winner 2: mushai
fb : Mushaiyarah Bishri
tw : @mushaizhi

Winner 3: Aimi N.
fb : Aimi N. Bfourteen
tw : @iAimi_N

Winner 4: azureen
fb : Nazfaratul Azureen
tw : @yayazureen

Congratulation to all winner. Winner must contact me via twitter within 24 hours, means before 11 AM tomorrow morning πŸ™‚

For any un-claim prize, we will conduct another draw tomorrow πŸ™‚


For record, Miss @mushaizhi refuse to accept this giveaway since she already have similar item, thus give chance to others. Other contestant didn’t tweet me before 11AM 09/12/11 (Miss @yayazureen & miss @iAimi_N did tweet me after allowable time), thus now i’m doing second draw for this giveaway…lol

Winner 5: UknoWana
fb : Cempaka Shazwana Nazim
tw : @UknoWana0203

Winner 6: maya
fb : mayanajwamardhati
tw : @mayamardhati

Winner 7: hamano Asuka
fb : Hamano Asuka
tw : @hamanoasuka_ch

Winner 8: Andrew lee
fb : Andrew Lee (Yew Sheng)
tw : @leeyewsheng

So all winner must contact me via twitter within 24 hours => 1.30AM 11/12/11

If there’s still unclaimed prize, i’ll probably will just give to 4 contestant who enter this keychain giveaway or bring forward to another round (yeah…since it just keychain…no one really bother another round of draw rite…lol)


I know it’s weekend, but rules is rules…so, this keychain will be given to 4 contestant that submit their name in Round 1 #GiveawaySpree.

Stay tune for Round 2…awesome stuff starting now..keke πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Winner Announcement #GiveawaySpree Round 1: Keychain

  1. hye!thanx for choosing me! lol.. lathough it’s random..kekeke.. i would gladly accept the prize.. ^__^ what keychain is it btw?

    1. sorry…you missed the opportunity…1st draw should contact me before 9AM 9/12/11…we have second draw/new winners πŸ™‚

        1. I did tweet few times. I won’t mention directly as it the whole purpose to make it exciting…only people alert on my blog deserved to win πŸ™‚

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