Winner Announcement for UKISS NEVERLAND Giveaway

Annyeong…jeng jeng jeng

To make it short:

1) Sorry, protected(private) tweet sewaktu tempoh tweet giveaway (sebelum 10/10/11 11.59pm) DISQUALIFIED. Rules say I MUST RECEIVE TWEET via @hurul_aini mention

2) Follower below 20 DISQUALIFIED. I initially set at least 50, but giving chance to more people, I allow less than 50 follower to participate. But if you have less than 20 follower, I’M SORRY.

3) For twitter account not exist, or if you have tweet in un-protected mode & gone ‘protected’ again..sorry, I already give 24 hours for you to stand your chance.

So from 71 participant, here list of 52 qualified participant, randomize using List Randomizer (

So the winner is:


FB: Syahidah ???
TWITTER: ida_zumi

To others, thanks a lot for participate. Don’t worry, try again in my next give-away insyaAllah. As we still in the topic, please suggest in comment section, album/group that probably be release in November or December 2011, thinking of holding next giveaway around that time if there’s a good album coming out..hehe.

Soredewa, Ja Ne~



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