U-KISS NEVERLAND Giveaway: Participant name checklist

Hello…sorry for keeping you guys waiting. Anyway, i’m sorting out the give-away checklist as below. From 71 participant; only 49 fully qualified; while 4 are protected twitter account; 4 tweet not found; 3 twitter account not exist & remaining 11 have follower less than 20.

Need to refresh again the rules i set for this giveaway:

1) LIKE MY FB PAGES – i’m so lazy to check this, will take a lot of time too

2) SHARE GIVEAWAY ENTRY LINK TO FB – cannot be trace..hahaha…so i just assume u guys done this

3) TWEET GIVEAWAY ENTRY LINK TO TWITTER – done, thanks TOPSY for achieving all tweet record

4) Kindly un-protect that particular tweet so i can receive your tweet <– should the protected account qualified for give-away?

5) You must have at least 50 followers [People with less than 50 followers can join only if your account is public ~legit fangirl/KISSME account~ or i already follow u^__^ ]

~~ THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM!!! I understand most of you probably new to twitter; spamming your timeline nonstop that nobody wanna follow you OR very selective toward your twitter follower that you block some follower, thus I’m allowing for fangirl/KissMe with lesser follower to join. But if you have less than 20 follower, i guess u not socialize enough with other KissMe/fangirl via twitter.

I most afraid that some probably open new account (second or third account) so that she/he can have higher chance to win by submitting more name, and not be fair to other. I know this probably not happening yet, but yeah engineer always consider worse case scenario.

Anyway, i list out all the name: qualified, tweet mentioning @hurul_aini not found, protected account, disqualified because follower less than 20 or twitter user not found.

Please check if your name listed or not. I’m giving all of you until 11pm tomorrow (12 October 2011) to check & inform me if your name missing; OR if you want to argue that you are qualified..feel free to debate (don’t fight among each other please, just stand your point).



Qualified participant:

Ummu Umairah Ismail – ok ok
Ili Insyirah – ok ok
chikicicok – ok ok
pinat – ok ok
jiraffie – ok ok
fay – ok ok
yuuna92 – ok ok
irrawon my – ok ok
ain osman – protected, followed by @hurul_aini ok
ayumiyoshida – ok ok
Syahiirah – ok ok
ZuhairaJamal – ok ok
Fatihah – ok ok
Carmen Lim – ok ok
Nur Diana Raif – ok ok
Callie – ok ok
overfangirling – ok ok
AnissaSyaqira – ok ok
Syahidah – ok ok
Nadiah Aisyah – ok ok
Kam siew Kien – ok ok
FatinHanani – ok ok
Nurhafz – ok ok
Carlsmay – ok ok
aynndelittlequeen – ok ok
Aisyah Roslan -ok ok
izzati – ok ok
airwicksz – ok ok
cik peanut – ok ok
Andrew Lee – ok ok
rahimah – ok ok
Liyana – ok ok
cherninn – ok ok
Elyana – ok ok
nisaa fatini -ok ok
Charmaine -ok ok
nuzulf -ok ok
nana johar -ok ok
missdyalova – ok ok
Amie – ok ok
mushai – ok ok
diZisSARA – ok ok
hamano Asuka – ok ok
Nur Hafizah – ok ok
Isabelle Wong – ok ok
Cruzer Slice – ok ok
Evelinne – ok ok
fatinmingjoon – ok ok
fina – ok ok

syewe_yoss – ok where’s ur tweet honey ok
amoi – ok where’s ur tweet honey ok
Anis Nadhirah – ok where’s ur tweet honey ok

Tweet share link with @hurul_aini mention not found:

myracupcake – ok where’s ur tweet honey

Protected account:

Hazwani – protected
Hana ? – protected
ShaAsilah – protected
Khadijah Anis Azmi – protected


ThenqThenq – follower below 10
nurul nadiah – twitter account not exist
yivon – follower below 10
Annie Le – follower below 10
Chiu Leng – follower below 10
Stephenie – twitter account not exist
athirah – follower below 20
Johanna – follower below 10
ifzahrosni – follower below 20
sheeta – follower below 20
Alin – follower below 20
zahra – twitter account not exist
Nur Hamizah – follower below 10
blacksilvercry – protected, follower less 10

Draw to determine winner will be conduct tomorrow night insyaAllah, that will be final decision. If you want to argue, please argue now. Thanks all whom participate and help to spread news about this give-away ^___^


7 thoughts on “U-KISS NEVERLAND Giveaway: Participant name checklist

    1. protected mean dia ‘private’kan tweet dia…follow kena minta izin & hanya follower dia yang akan dapat baca tweet dia


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