[What’s Inside] U-KISS: NEVERLAND

Woot..woot… UKISS NEVERLAND ~ 2 album & 2 POSTER, one for me & one for lucky GIVEAWAY winner later. Receive it last Wednesday (5th October 2011), 6 days after posting from Korea. ***somebody take me away playing while I’m typing this..seem like one of the album can’t wait to meet new owner…lol***

Anyway, let look on inside of this album ^___^


Front cover:

Back cover:

Inside album:

Lyric (left) booklet:

The CD:

Thanks To (right) booklet:

Soohyun The Leader:

Everybody know you tried, everybody know it’s alright…

Dongho The Maknae:

uri Dongho have grown-up becoming fine man eyh..woot woot

Kiseop The Ulzzang:

Since when you become so handsome? Last year?

Eli…MY super hot guy ^__*

Left pic: Super HOT!!!….***ovaries explode***

Group pic in Artic Wasteland…lol

AJ, don’t deny our r²?

wattaga..gattaga <–still don’t know what this mean..AJ explain please^^

The cute HOONey ^^


The sweet heart awesome vocal Kevin

Kevin take me away…

I love it that Kevin never forget International fans:

WOW…all 25 pictures. **See You Again – PARAN re-make song playing now..love this song so much^^

I personally think this album is great, really worth it. I love all the songs and currently repeating the CD everyday. Love it more when i realize it seem they targeted International fans too while producing this album –> Song detail at lyric booklet and Credit section are in English ^___^

We have about 24 hours before my UKISS NEVERLAND GIVEAWAY end. I will update list of approved participant later, mind that I will not draw the winner immediately…teehee. So baby don’t cry…

Note: What’s Inside is series of review on music album i have purchase, aiming to help viewers know what are they planned to buy…

p/s: all picture taken using my phone…sorry for not-that-awesome quality…huhu

I need you
I want you
I Miss you
Wanna feel you
So please know that my mind is only for you

[lyric booklet write ‘no that my mine is only for you’, doesn’t make sense to me whom only understand this line..lol]

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