Tweet reply from T-MAX Minchul

As usual, as this blog serve to archive everything related to my personal & fandom event, I’m adding the above pics as one of my best memoir in fandom.

Yes!!!!….T-MAX leader, Shim Minchul oppa reply my tweet….kyaaa…LOL tho he only reply the above (plus typo in his facebook add…lol)…yet I’m still a very happy fangirl..weehee.

And yes…I’m really big fan of T-Max, and this is one of the group I really want to see them performing live. To record, I also have their autographed ‘Born To The Max’ album.  I actually plan to buy all their album as collection, but for now I only have Born To The Max, The Single Collection & Boys Over Flower OST Special Luxury album..kekeke.

Actually, previously Minchul oppa adding fans to his personal FB account. I even list him as my brother and he approved it (sob sob…i should keep a printscreen of that!!). He closed that account, and now sharing news to fans via his Facebook Pages. But I’m glad coz he share a lot of pic there, including recent picture of KimJun-oppa & YunHwa-oppa in army.

Urmm…as for now, he is one of Korean artist that actively replying fans tweet. And owh wait…did you notice he actually reply my 5th October tweet, means that he’s checking and read all his mention….awww…i’m touched ^__^

Oh yeah…he will come out with solo single/album soon…can’t wait….weeehooo.

Soredewa minna-san, Ja Ne~

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