U-KISS Eli reply on tumblr…woohoo


Asking ‘very polite’ question cause i’m afraid it will appear on his timeline…but LOL…i’m glad he reply…

I already ask the above few times via twitter, but I bet his twitter timeline is too fast…LOL..


Then again, I’m a happy fangirl all over again…weeeheee

p/s: wanna ask more and more, but restrain myself for now…need to respect him & don’t want to spam his inbox till he ignore it later on…will ask again after quite some time…hehehe

4 thoughts on “U-KISS Eli reply on tumblr…woohoo

  1. so luckyyy gurll youu..ehhee
    dah ada tumblr plak dorang ni ye..
    2 3 ari ni ambe duk dengo lagu 330, best plak lagu tuh…aigoooo..

    hoon tu ada skit iras micky..er?

    1. unnie…..yaaaa…masa first tengok hoon real life masa presscon ukiss kat KL haritu ambe dah perasan dah hoon comel iras2 micky & Tony ahn…hohoho

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