U-Kiss in Malaysia: Press conference & Lunch session

Annyeong haseyo.

Friday, 10th June 2011.

U-Kiss Press conference for “Bran New Kiss” Album Showcase 2011 in Malaysia was held at Daorae, Desa Seri Hartamas. The boys arrived around 11.10am and the press conference start shortly after that. Lets watch the following video for full coverage:

U-Kiss entering Daorea:

U-Kiss heading to Press Conference Stage:

FULL Press Conference:

Part 1:

Part 2:

LOL…Dongho keep his head tilt according to background picture

Lunch Session:


Lunch session start at 3PM after all fans have arrived. This probably the most craziest moment in our life as we didn’t expect to be this close with them. For info, people that seat at our area are people that come in late and most of us expect that this location is not strategic at all, the boys probably not going to our area as much as the other side. But to our suprise, when they going downstair, they actually walk to our side first, and you can hear how crazy we are screaming after that..hahaha.

We freaking them out too, so after saying hello to everyone, the boys go to a close room, leaving the fans to calm down & eat our lunch properly (but most of us not feeling hungry anymore and lots didn’t finish their fried rice..haha).

Then we queue up in line of 10 people for individual photo taking. Initially they say we will have few minute to talk to the boys, but after some time it’s end up becoming super-fast photo session (AGAIN!!!).

We heading to Pavilion after photo-taking session. I will update on that part other time okay^^

KISS-ME that come to this event, feel free to share your experience here (^___^)v

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