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I have a new hobby lately -> seeking info on the best mp3 player that suit my needs yet within my affordable budget. I love my current mp3 ( Creative MuVo), yet this 6 years old mp3 only have 256MB storage (I don’t think anyone using this kind of small capacity mp3 Tho i already fill in a lots of song to my HTC Desire, I always didn’t want to use it as to save the battery.

As I’m looking around, 3 brands caught my attention: COWON, iRiver and Creative. The criteria I’m looking for is media player with quite large storage (at least 8GB), can play FLAC & have good reputation.

COWON J3..the best in functionality, storage/price & audio quality

COWON is brand from Korea. Just read around, all comments always put it as the best in term of audio. COWON have a lot varieties of media player, each of them are widely different from their cousins in the family, having pros and cons for each device, and kinda expensive if we looking based on capacity. I’m interested to get J3, tho quite bulky, yet the spec win it all. Yes, i read on some disadvantage like hard to create playlist etc, but still it win above all. It also have micro SD  slot for additional memory, and even play video with softsub [bonus for drama lover like me, tho i doubt if I have a time for that].

COWON iAudio 9, simple, thin, lightweight, great audio....just fit the purpose

COWON D2+ initially caught my attention, but it is far too expensive for max 8GB internal memory. Plus, i believe J3 is enough for me. I really wish iAudio U5 or iAudio 7 still available in market, both suit my need more -> small mp3 with easy handling. Other option left is iAudio 9 and iAudio E2. If i’m decide to buy small capacity (4GB), i probably prefer small size mp3 like iAudio E2, but review shows this is not really worth my money. I think iAudio 9 is not bad to get, minus it don’t have extension SD slot like J3, and only have maximum 16GB internal capacity. Yet, the price is quite reasonable for 16GB.

Other brand that caught my eye is iRiver, N15 to be exact. This small pendant-like mp3 is really stylish. Just like how i hung my Creative MuVo everyday, this will be great accessory for me. It’s only available in Korea tho, and only have maximum 4GB storage. The price are affordable and can play FLAC too. But the storage kinda small and I’m not quite confident with the user interface & handling. It’s 4 line LED screen seem wont help much either. Should I still get this?

As a Creative user,  some of their media player like Zen X-Fi2 really get my attention. A ‘smart gadget’ with lot of feature that it can do. The price for 32GB are more or less with 16GB COWON. I know Creative is good enough, believe it will be easy to handle. But one thing about Creative, it’s good, but its not the best. And after knowing COWON…it’s just hard to pick other brand.

Last question shall be…should I buy now? And if yes, which one best for me? 🙁

Extra: For more info/product details:

~ COWON Global

~ COWON Korea

~ iRiver Global

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~ Creative Asia

6 thoughts on “In search of the best MP3 player…

  1. Hye there,
    nice pic of mp3,
    its like i want to grab tat too,
    COWON seems the coolest,
    but still dont know how to get tat and what is the price?
    I wonder where to go if this korea’s mp3 is probbly damage?

    1. most cowon product are available in, with relatively lower price compare to korean prize…for amazon, we can return defected item & they will refund^^

    1. unnie…berkenan yg mana? ambe survey kat Malaysia ni mahal sikit la..even beli direct kat Korea pun mahal…unless mmg dtg korea & beli lain la kot…tsk tsk

    1. FLAC tu lossless audio format…macam AAC, WAV….kalau macam mp3 tu dah kira loose audio sebab compression method dia dah buang bit of its data/quality to minimize the size^^

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