Hyun Bin, Man of 2011

Yeah…another entry x boleh blah from me…wakaka…**ada aku kesah…lol**. Still in super duper heartbreaking emo-mode, after effect of watching Secret Garden ep17. Now ep18 is 98% downloading…palli palli.

When I start watching this drama, I don’t have any clue who is this guy. I thought, why this skinny guy become the hero..why not Oska Oppa is the hero. But not till episode 3 when Ra Im & Joo Won have their exercise session…and this guy make my heart dugun dugun…wakaka. Joo Won, should be a role model of how romantic a husband/lover should be ain’t it?

He is awesome yo. And why on earth you look different in your every drama/movie. I swear, I really love you in Snow Queen. One of the favorite drama. Love you to in Millionaire’s First Love…and what…I watch it 3,4 times already**fails**. I think I heard your name around Kim Sam Soon time, but I think probably Sam Soon is too big that not only fading Kim Nam Gil, but also you…wakaka.

You jerk...don't break my heart like this...

2010, we have seen Kim Nam Gil, Tegoshi Yuya, Nakayama Yuma, Donghae, Kim Bum,  Jang Guen Suk and others have been eye candy for this blog**kekeke** {Shim Changmin, Jung YunHo, Park Yoochun, Kim Jeajoong & Kim Junsu are default ambassadors for this blog…lol}.

2011, drama frenzy start again with Hyun Bin as man of 2011. hahaha. I can tell you, later when my Secret Garden Calander arrive, i’ll put it in my office table…be with me everyday…wahahaha

Oh man…did anyone spike me or something? Hahaha, I can sense the effect is like more than Bidam or Donghea fever…lol. wahaha…3 more episode for Secret Garden..woot woot…1 more week to go.

Soredewa, Ja Ne~^^

6 thoughts on “Hyun Bin, Man of 2011

  1. ah dongsaeng…
    hyun bin sangat kurus keding skrg ni..tok kata dah x lawa..aigoooo…tp xpe, ambe ske cite ni…skeeee glerrr…

    …..dannnnnnnnnnnn x sabo nye menanti kalendar secret gardennnn…kyaaaaaaaaaaaa..

    [aih tokey pun tergoda jugak memborong..ahha..bagus2…jom kite borong]

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