Queen Seon Duk, from history perspective

Annyeong haseyo.

I never learned Korean history before, and I’m also not a citizen of Korea. But due to great impression left after watching this great historical drama, i cannot help but wiki-ing on the history of Silla and the character presented in this drama. I also notice (from blog statistic) that a lots of people searching on the history perspective of this drama after I wrote a few entries regarding this drama. So, I decided to write this again, but please note that all I wrote here was based on info available in wikipedia.

Source of historical record

There’s a few historical record which I believed to be the reference of this drama and other historical infomation, please click the link below for more infomation:

  1. Samguk Sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms) – contains record of Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla; Chronological tables; Monographs and Biographies. The compilation was ordered by Goryeo’s King Injong (r. 1122-1146) and undertaken by the government official and historian Kim Busik (???) and his team.

  2. Samguk Yusa, or Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms, – collection of legends, folktales, and historical accounts relating to the Three Kingdoms of Korea (Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla), as well as to other periods and states before, during, and after the Three Kingdoms period.

  3. Hwarang segi (lit. Annals of Hwarang or Generations of the Hwarang) – a historical record of the Hwarang (lit. flower boys) of the Silla kingdom in ancient Korea. It is said to have been written by Silla historian Kim Daemun ??? (fl. 704) in the reign of Seongdeok the Great (r. 702~737). This manuscript contains biography of Sadaham, Sejong, Seolwonrang, Munno, Miseng, Hajong, Yongchun, Kim Yusin & others.

  4. Jumong

Queen Seon Duk in history (634 – 647)


  • Was known as Princess Deokman, the first female ruler of Silla.
  • The second oldest of King Jinpyeong‘s three daughters. Her sister ~ Princess Cheonmyeong & Princess Seonhwa
  • Rules from 634 until 647, and was immediately succeeded by her cousin Jindeok, who ruled until 654.
  • She built the “Star-Gazing Tower,” or Cheomseongdae, considered the first observatory in the Far East. The tower still stands in the old Silla capital of Gyeongju, South Korea.
  • A year before she was crowned, there was an uprising (revolt) by Chilsuk and Seokpum.
  • Samguk Yusa recorded that she marry to Galmunwang Eum a year after she was crowned as Queen. On the other hand, in Hwarang Segi, it recorded that her husband was Kim Yong-chun (Princess Cheonmyeong’s husband, 13th Pungwolju); Heumban & Eulje.
  • She died on January 8, after Bidam uprising.
  • Her throne succeed by her cousin, Queen Jindeok, the second female ruler of Silla.

Bidam in history (?-647)

Source: Korean wiki

  • He was a Sangdaedeung (highest post of government) during the end of Queen Seon Duk reign.
  • His birth details and achievement was not much known, but it is believe that he come from noble family
  • He revolt with motto “Women’s rulers can not rule the country” (??????)
  • Legend says that during the uprising, a star ‘drop’. Bidam use it to anchorage his follower saying that the sign of the end of Queen reign. On the other hand, Kim Yushin then discuss with the Queen, then they decide to fly a burning kite as a sign that ‘the star is back to its place’.
  • Jumong stated that about 10 days after Bidam uprising, he and 30 of his men were executed [Queen Seon Duk die on 8 January, Bidam executed on 17 January after Queen Jindeok was throne]

Mishil in history (540? – 600?)

Source: Wikipedia

  • Historical figure of Silla, but her existence is controversial because she is not mention in both Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa. However, she is a very important figure in the transcription of Hwarang Segi.
  • She became powerful due to her relations with Kings and Poongweoljoos. She was the wife of Sejong, 6th Pungweolju, and was the major royal harem of 3 kings(Jinheung of Silla, Jinji of Silla, Jinpyeong of Silla). Also, she was in love with Prince Dongryun, eldest son of Jinheung, and Seolwon, 7th Pungweolju.
  • Her power was proved when she persuaded Jingol nobles to expel King Jinji from his throne.
  • And her two sons (Hajong, Bojong) also became 11th, 16th Pungweolju respectively.

Kim Yushin in history (595-673)

Source: Wikipedia

  • Became a Hwarang warrior at just 15 and was an accomplished swordsman and a Gukseon (??, ??; Hwarang leader) by the time he was 18 years old. By the age of 34 he had been given total command of the Silla armed forces.
  • He is said to have been the great-grandchild of King Guhae of Geumgwan Gaya, the last ruler of the Geumgwan Gaya state. This would have given him a very high position in the Silla bone rank system, which governed the political and military status that a person could attain.
  • Kim lived to the age of 78 and is considered to be one of the most famous generals and masters of Korean swords in Korean history.

Kim Yushin statue in Namsan Park, Seoul, South Korea

Tomb of General Kim Yushin in Gyeongju

Kim Alcheon in history (636 – 654)

Source: Wikipedia, Korean wiki

  • He was member of Silla royal family.
  • He became Hwarang at his young age and was famous general at that time.
  • Alcheon (along with Kim Yushin) supported Princess Deokman in politics and supported her in succeeding the throne after the death of her father, Jinpyeong of Silla. When Princess Deokman became Queen Seondeok of Silla, Alcheon became Chief Of Royal Palace Guard and also Seondeok’s personal bodyguard.
  • Later Alcheon was promote to Sangdaedeung in Queen Jiendeok reign who succeeded the throne after the death of Seondeok. He served as Sangdeadung during the reign of Queen Seon Duk, Queen Jindeok and King Muyeol.
  • Since there are no more seonggol after the death of Queen Jindeok, people in government wanted Kim Alcheon (a.k.a. So Alcheon), who was then Sangdaedeung of Silla to succeed the throne. However, Kim Yusin supported Kim Choonchu, and Kim Alcheon refused the throne and supported Kim Choonchu. As a result, Kim Choonchu succeeded the throne.

I will may add other character info later on. Feel free to correct me if any of this info presented wrongly. For those who follow the drama, this can be the basis on knowing which plot on the drama was based on history. But throughout my reading, i found much of the plot similar to what actually had recorded in history.

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  1. Chunchu's father is a jingol. Alcheon became Sangdaedeung after Bidam, and then he was offered the throne after Jindeok. However, he was really old at the time, and since Yushin wanted Chunchu to become king, Alcheon made Chunchu king. There were no seongols left to take the throne. (Yushin's sister married ChunChu, so Yushin wanted ChunChu to become king to become powerful.)

  2. I always admire Jose Rizal history since i was a kid…that probably can be great & educational drama series right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have watched Korean dramas since 2006, never been disappointed with any of them, romance or traditional…The koreans have the most beautiful men and women ive ever seen on screen, except for the english and american stars of the 1940's..

    Also they stick to history as it was, or as much as they can find out.
    If you are going to watch a long episode korean drama, watch a few episodes on tv, then go out and buy the drama, this is the second time we have watched QSD, and believe me we missed a lot from the first time….

    Try to enjoy every drama especially if history is your favorite subject, even if they miss the mark sometimes it is always great to know about our ancestors….

    It is my wish someday to visit Korea, im old now but one can dream, cant they? thanks for all your help in clearing some things up for us….joanie

  4. According to wikipedia, Jinji died in 579 and Deokman was born in 606. If Bidam is Jinji's son (in the show), how can he be only 5 years older than baby Deokman in the early scene with Moon Noh? That particular scene where 5 yr old Bidam touches baby Deokman's forehead…

    Also, there are many times in the show where the dates written on official notices are inconsistent with each other. For example, in the part where Mishil stages a coup and eventually flees to Daeyaseong, one edict issued by her in the palace is dated 616 (Bing-Zi year in the 60-year cycle Chinese calendar). Soon after, her coup occurs and one notice which denounces Deokman as an enemy of Silla is dated 625 (Yi-You year). Deokman's loyalists are subsequently arrested and tortured (Yushin and Alcheon included), and time appears to pass in which Deokman slowly regains her power and Mishil ends her own life. Deokman is then soon coronated (632 according to history). If Deokman really took 7 years to end the coup, how could Alcheon have survived 7 whole years of brutal torture?

    Jinheung's order to kill Mishil is also dated 588 (Wu-shen year) even though he died in 576. Since the adult Mishil was already present at his death scene, and we know that the Young Mishil (portrayed by another actress) is supposed to be 18 yrs old according to the official cast list, then the adult Mishil at Jinheung's death has a minimum age of 20 or so. From 576 to 632 (where Mishil kills herself), its a gap of 56 years. So Mishil died at 76 but has no wrinkles or white hair???

    These are just some of the things I noticed while watching the show. Comments anyone?

  5. If Alchoen was proposed as a new king, it could be Bidam, too.
    bidam would have never had claim to the throne. silla royalty was based on the bone rank system. seonggol were considered the sacred bone and jingol were ranked just below them as the true bone. mixed birth children were considered jingol.

    after seondeok died jindeok was the last remaining seonggol and naturally ascended to the throne. after her death there were no more seonggol remaining.

    alcheon's father was a seonggol but his mother was a jingol. because of his fathers line and high rank he was considered for the throne.

    chunchu's father and mother were both seonggols and chunchu was born as a seonggol. but his father was stripped of his rank and relegated to be reclassified as a jingol which made chunchu a jingol as well. but with the support of yushin and alcheon there was no opposition to his claim of the throne. and there was no doubt about yushins loyalty to chun chu as chun chu had married one of yushins sister and yushin himself marrying one of chun chu's daughters.

    alcheon fades from history after placing chun chu on the throne.

  6. nice one bro/sis. sana dagdagan mo pa yung character. i want to know more about characters like chilsuk, munno, and other hwarangs. but still i enjoy reading. thanx

  7. hello….this is just my opinion, for me..the ending is fine as it only focus on doekman & bidam….Tho the drama show probably kim chun chu took the crown, but according to history, Queen Jindeok succeeded her throne…since queen jindeok not mention at all in the drama & the production can not produce false history production..so the ending hanging there…

    i'm not too sure about sejong or the queen, can't really remember as i watch it last year…hehe

  8. Do you think the producers rushed the ending of the drama? There were alot of gaps that I want to know such as to what happened to Kim Chun Chu after Deokmans death, Deokman's real mother after Deokman took the crown, why Daenambo disappeared, and Sejong. Theres a hole to the drama when Sejong and Deokmans real mother dont reappear during Bidam's rebellion.

  9. Just came back from S.Korea. Visited Geongju where Kim Yushin makam is. It was not an easy place to find. Had to ask a local who was also unsure also where it was. Ade bayaran sebanyak 1,000 won (about S$1.50). It would be best for those who wants to visit the Silla historical places to watch QSD first. I didn't watch the drama before I went and thus clueless about these great historical figures. However, my traveling companion is a big fan, and thus I receive quite an education from her. I recommend anyone who wants to visit S.Korea to go to Geongju because it is such a historical site! Tapi jangan pergi during winter ok…tersangat sejuk! Mesti visit theโ€˜Shilla Millennium Parkโ€™- where many of the shooting took place. It was worth a visit there although the entrance fee of 18,000 won (S$21) is a little expensive. Try it! I'm sure you will not regret it.

  10. really like dis drama…:)

    di Malaysia, QSD x p0pular…saya n0nt0n drama ne melalui siaran brunei (RTB2)…epis0d yg bermula 09/11/2009 (waktu sy STPM)….drama ne mmg sangat menarik…sy x tinggal 1 epis0d p0n….malah saya sanggup membeli dvdnya….sudah berulang kali sy men0nt0nnya tapi x b0san langsung….smua watak yg ada dilak0nkan dgn baik…pada pandangan sy, pengarah filem ne mau pminat sendiri tntukan pilihan QSD….sy tau ramai yg s0k0ng bi dam n de0kman….tapi sy lbih suka de0kman n yu sin…:)…sy minat semua karakter….yu sin, alche0n,qsd, chun chu, w0l ya, bi dam,che0n mye0ng, mi shil, all 0f them…

    *bide0kshin che0nchu mye0ngshil mh*

  11. thanks for the info…eventhough the drama has ended quite sometime I just started watching it and so far I'm enjoying it. I personally love Alcheon's character ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. its so a nice and inspiring story ๐Ÿ˜› i really cried in the end part ๐Ÿ™„ this is the best story that i seen ever,, keep up the good work…i really like this movie

  13. ๐Ÿ™„ i really cried at the ending part, what a sad ending… another korean drama with a sad ending..snif sniff…I love that bidam look with his hair loose..looks like a japanese character..

  14. I tried to search bidam's biography, unfortunately, results showed that he was just a known leader of a revolt… Historical pages showed no romantic inclination bet. Qsd ang bidam. It even said that qsd died before bidam (contradicting to the tv novel), that's why i wanna say kudos to the writers of qsd… Though it's parallel to history, they did a job well done..

  15. i agree with milletzky pinky..

    im also in research level now. im getting more curious in history specially with koreans. i came to the point of parellel-ing in mind the histories from korea to other nations… specially on time of QSD. i even work to find some good case for bidam. i felt pitty for he doesn't really have a surname or birthdate or even list wether its true or not that he is a son of lady mishil and the king, its like the words of seon deok's mother to mishil came all along to bidam that their name will not even wrote or recognized in the history… but i know God has a right purpose to each every one of His creation. their character reflects not only the politicians we have now, but also how LOVE reigns above all like our Father promised and did.. but still with the use of firm thinking, right judgement even it's so painful.

    so nice tvnovela, i won't forget Queen Seon Deok more than Jumong and Jeong gum (Jewel). To God be the glory!!!

  16. It will be 8 or 9 days before QSD gets to end its airing on Philippine TV. It has been a good two months after I've watched the whole series subtitled in English… and it seems I can't get enough of it. I simply love QSD, mainly because of Bidam. Like everyone else here in this site I took pains to research about the major characters' history. Well, just on its merit (even without a historical basis) this one's a good good show,and no alteration of the real Silla history can't change the fact that this is a very wonderful soap. Even after many years I'd still watch QSD just as I do my other favorite Korean series.
    Kudos to SK for making my life happy.
    I'm a very big fan of Kim Nam Gil. Of course I also like QSD, Yushin and Alcheon.
    By the way, Ive seen some of Lee Yeo Won's shows before, and I have become a follower of this good actress. More power.

    I like Lee Byung Hun a lot but in all honesty I would have been happier if Kim Nam Gil was the one who bagged the top award in 2009 for QSD. He weas simply great there!

  17. ๐Ÿ˜
    hi,.. im a fan of the k-drama also.. i also did some research about it.. but badly other info are still in old hangul until today.. i just wanted to clarify some staff on your blog.. because on the real history of Silla.. Bidam doesnt really exist.. they just create the character to add some twist on the drama..
    but your blog is really appreciated..

  18. ๐Ÿ˜ I really love this drama..so touching! i wish i can travel the world, my first place to travel is the land of Queen seondeok..I will find her kingdom ๐Ÿ˜› and second plan..to meet Bidam my idol!!! i really like Bidam!!!!

  19. ๐Ÿ˜ in primul rand as vrea sa spun ca ador acest serial tocmai am terminat vizionarea lui dar as avea o intrebare am inteles ca deok-man si bi-dam se reeincarneaza si isi traiesc povestea de dragoste e adevevarat daca da imi spuneti si mie numele filmului

  20. ๐Ÿ˜ I love this korean series ๐Ÿ˜ I felt sad ๐Ÿ˜ฅ knowing that both bi-dam and queen seondok died.. i hope they will continue their love in โžก heaven..
    more power korean drama… ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. i really enjoyed watching the queens story,, out of curiosity i surfed the net and tried to see her history,, though i found out that some alterations were done,, it still left me craving for more. i really love it,,
    thanks for the infos,,

  22. I'm just a new fan to the Queen Seondeok of Silla. As a Filipino observer, it is impressive for me how the new breed of directors and producers relived the Korean history to once again unify the Korean Peninsula.

    I hope someday Philippines can have something like Queen Seondeok of Silla that can once again remind us of how beautiful is our history.

    Kudos to the producers and production staff. The production is really something worth knowing…

  23. This site includes some fine research
    into history. It is very interesting.
    Please continue your good work!

  24. i agree. being a rebel does not entitle someone a full account of his life specially when he led an uprising to overthrow a ruler…unless he succeeded. history is not always accurate. you'll never know what really happened. the qsd series is really great because it was able to concoct something of immense story out of the written history. qsd is a collection of theses. bidam and seon duk may have loved each other then and some forces wouldn't agree to it. maybe bidam was really going to marry seon duk and it posed a great threat to silla in general. he could really be the son of mishil and that together with the curse to her of not being included or written in any historic account, bidam was given the same treatment. i don't know. knowing the facts could well get us into crumbling thoughts about our country and its rulers. it was like when i learned of the slaying of bonifacio in favor of aguinaldo. it's something like that. ^^

  25. i think the dream implies young deokman having to meet one of the heroines she had read from the western books. in the end, she was able to make a heroine out of herself who was a mere desert kid from faraway land. the dream might as well mean that as a queen, she's always looking back to who and what she is before. embracing that young kid gave her the chance to embrace her own retirement from the difficulties and heartaches of being a ruler together with her return to that simple kid whose happiness comes from the heroines she was reading about. ^^

  26. ๐Ÿ™‚ this was one of the best history dramas ever ๐Ÿ˜ and bidam and and QSD were in love with each other ๐Ÿ˜ณ and yushin loved QSD and QSD's sister cheonmyung loved yushin :mrgreen:
    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. because of being the avid fan of queen seon deok…
    i have made my one and only personalized summary of this korean drama and its only a hand written of mine,,
    every nyt, after watching the korean drama,queen seon deok,,,i really loved to write down every little things about what i have watch…

    i am not satisfied of just watching the queen seon deok,,thats why i have made my queen seon deok personalysed hand written summary….


  28. yup…that's true…

    for me, what important is as we all watching the movie, we should aware that is based on history tho not 100%…and that great drama actually inspired by real people back then


  29. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    wikipedia is not always right, and besides according to experts…

    history can be altered or change….

    this series has a lot of research, that's why they concluded it that way…

  30. the dream queen seondeok at the end is the fact that the only person that was ever beside her and that she could rely on was herself.and of course,it may be a sign from "above" that she was destined from the very beginning,even back then,when she had just arrived to Shilla,to become Yeongwa.

  31. ๐Ÿ˜ก i really love the story, i shed a lot of tears. huhuhu.. i've been telling to all the people i know to watch the movie bcoz it's the best movie i've ever seen, very powerful cast. i love them all esp to QSD, bidam, yushin, alcheon. i have read a lot abt. those people in the story. they are all great. thanks for sharing the story of korean history. im very touch of it.. frm here in the phillipines, thank you!

  32. hi, i am more curious about the existence / story of BIDAM and if he is truly exist in Korean history (i love his character in the soap opera…. i hope to shed me more information about this.) i read in a youtube account that he (BIDAM) was/ is considered a REBEL in korean history. hope you can add more information to this. thank you in advance.

  33. I also not really sure about that part, probebly just a significant saying that even Doekman become Queen and leading a country, but what she get only loneliness & struggle.

    It might be just a dream, or how old Deokman regret her life. Not really sure either.

  34. Yes, her succesor Kim Chunchu managed to unify the three kingdoms, but not imediately after Queen Seon Deok's death. ( after she died, Silla's ruler was also a Queen, Seon Deok's cousin-so there were two women who managed to rule Silla one after another, and only when they were gone Kim Chunchu became the last king of Silla )

  35. the 3 lived in the same period…600s is respected as 7th century…1-99 AD:1st…100-199:2nd…200-299:3rd…and so on that's it

  36. hello, I actually don't know anything about it at all, I was just curious since watching QSD, I guess you have a pretty interesting stories, Nice…. I like the series, specially the characters, I felt sad when Bidam died,, huhuhu…

  37. Does Queen Seon Deok really achieved the unfeasible dream, I mean, did they (her successors) really rule the three kingdoms?

  38. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank You for making this site…

    I just want to have a favor on you: can u give us a photo of Deokman, Bidam, Kim Yushin and Alcheon. I already look for it but i couldn't find any, even a little photo of them..
    I would be grateful for your effort..

    I really LOVE the story of Deokman, and I'am at relieve to found out that deokman married somebody..

    I also want to ask, Why is it that you did not mention about deokman's childrens????




  39. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ in the story, it was a tragic ending that i know might discouraged the viewers if they were to view the last episode first ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    i was just curious why most koreanovela which were sometimes get their important facts from history, twist their storyline and instead use the characters death as en ending of the drama ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ๐Ÿ‘ฟ
    i mostly regret what happened to bidam and deokman
    it was actually terrible to end it like that
    thnk you also for your thorough search
    thnk u for the information ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. For Mira their is no accout that queen seok doek fall inlove with bidam and yushin because because as fari read the accounts Kim Chuchu is 5 years older than Yusin Rang in the story. Its just a well craft masterpiece by the script writer to make the story more interested. Queen Seok seok reign during the 6th century while Yushin Rang serve the military during 7th century under headed by the king Jindoek cousin of Queen seon duk after she past away.

  41. Mabuhay I respect what you been written in your account, its your own perspective on life about what tou been seeb on the drama of Queen Seon Deok, knowing the history was a quite good for me to justify the things I been read and watch leading my student to have a miss conception story. As far the account I been reading both General KiM Yushin and Bidam exist in korean history. It was to be said that this two figure was the same aged of Kim chuchu the first son of princess Cheomyang General Yushin was a great military soldier during the 7th centuty and Bidam character he was great rebel soldier during the 17 th century. It was indeed a good job by the poeple behind the QSD drama anthology in Korea that for fusing the story happened during the 6th and 7th century became epitomize to the viewer was that really happened ๐Ÿ˜• the love triangle between Bidam, Doek Man, Yushin.

  42. hi there, love reading the info you pisted:) me and my father are great fans of the drama. i am wondering if there was really a romantic link between kim yushin, i gathred form the story how much he had love seon dok and she loved him the same. are there any record from the history about the two being inlove? thank u

  43. Hi ^^ thx for sharing the info.

    May I ask something?? I'm curious about Princess Cheonmyeongโ€™s husband. It said that her husband was Kim Yong-chun. But based on QSD drama, her husband was Kim Yong-soo, Kim Yong-chun's brother. So, is that mean Kim Yong-soo wasn't really exist??

    And after i read wiki, it said that Queen Seondeok's husband was Kim Yong-chun (The Annals of the Hwarang's version) which means that she married her sister's husband. Are they married after Princess Cheonmyeong died?? or did Yong-chun marry both of them at the same time?? How do you think about that??

    Oh, and one more question. Based on 'The Annals of the Hwarang's version', QSD married 3 men. Was that mean she has 3 husbands??

    I just wanna know your opinion ^^

  44. wow! it's nice to know all of that since i was really get curious about something that will got my attention..korea is such a beautiful country with beautiful and interesting history…korean or not, may i ask u to be one of my web-friend?? Thanks and God Bless!

  45. its nice to read something like this..thank you for making this website fror someone like me who' been very curious since i watched Queen Seon Deok and was moved by each of the characters…if by any chance the actors & actresses might read my comment…..i want to tell you that u did a very EXCELLENT JOB….ive never been a koreanovela fan but after Queen Seon Deok, i cant tell anymore…I love all the actors & actresses who played important role especially BIDAM, DEOKMAN, YUSHIN, & of course MISHIL whom i learned that one of the Ms. Korean finalist..JOB WELL DONE…God Bless! ( but it's sad to know that Kim Nam Gil will enter Military as per google this march 2010)

  46. who is galmunwang eum…. ๐Ÿ˜• i thought she have not married during her reign ๐Ÿ˜• does yushin rang fell in love with her also?????how about bidam???? i have researched about mi shil but i can't find her…

    and your informations are from wikipedia which i have read already ๐Ÿ˜

  47. hahaha….i'm not really sure actually. one of the book that mention on Bidam history is Jumong…

    For Queen Seon Duk, as she was a queen, there's a lot of book that record her history…

  48. Thanks for the quick reply. Is that possible that bidam erase there name in history? Do you think that in queen seon deok history there were two different book written to it?

  49. ๐Ÿ™‚
    i personally think that this was not recorded in history. Since he was recorded as someone who opposed the Queen, even his background was not properly recorded. I think the only event mention was about him being a Sangdeadung, then his uprising & death.

    Well, we never knew what actually happen in history right. Since in history, the Queen marry other people…i think the real thing happen back then way differ far from whats in the drama

  50. im really curious if bidam was really inlove to the queen but whenever i search the engine bottoms theres nothing i found but only few things about him. i knew a few of it but i wanted to know more of bidam's history. if they erased it or not

  51. Hello Shii

    I actually not really sure exactly where the places are. The star-gazing tower located at Gyeongju, maybe you can ask your tour guide about it. I will try to look on where Seon Duk's tomb were, but i could not promise if i can help for this.

    Anyway, enjoy your visit yeah….Korea, surely in my list of places I want to visit.

  52. hello Paul Kwon, thanks for your question ๐Ÿ™‚

    when relating a drama/film with historical fact, we need to remember 2 important point:
    1) Even though a drama try to follow what history had say, but they could never 100% follow history. So basically, a drama will only take some basis from historical fact like who are the family or people who exist at that time; and then develop their own plots or storyline. Sometime, they took some scene based on legends or history writing (like Yushin flying a burning kite & Deokman built a star-gazing tower); but the way it presented in the drama will most likely differ from what actually happen. Plus, to make a drama interesting or more dramatic effect, they surely will twist the way things happen…

    2) Historical fact itself sometimes was not totally accurate, depending on how or whom written it. Some of it will include legends (rumors or to-be-believed tales) and sometimes its based on theoretical assumption. This hole give chances to film or drama maker interpret the way history might be happen…adding some space of creativity.

    Regarding Bidam death in the drama, i believe the drama was twisted in order to have that tragic ending ๐Ÿ˜ฅ . But one important fact that really do happen was Bidam actually really a Sangdeadung at the end of Queen Seon Duk reign & Bidam uprising did happen in history. Bidam forever will be writen as someone who oppose the Queen in history, but personally i found it nice that the drama giving a probability that all that was due to love and Bidam was not a totally a bad guy. Well, things happen for reason isn't it?

    To make things clear, the whole drama was actually not following the history fact except for some important facts. For example, i do really believe that Deokman & Cheonmyeong was not twin, and I do believe that Deokman was actually rise in the palace like usual princess. Isn't that it will be a plain boring drama if its still following this history? hahaha.
    Another example was the star-gazing tower. In the drama, the tower was built in order to stop Mishil and prevent anyone in the future to manipulate astronomy for personal intention. But we never know what make the actual Queen in history built the tower. It most likely to develop the nation knowledge i guess.

    Oh ya, one more thing about Bidam's death….do you remember the scene where Mishil ask Bidam to predict his fate & ask him when will he die? And Bidam answer that he will die 3 days before the King. I think the script writer purposely write the ending that way….and at the end its Deokman really die 3 days after Bidam (so that ironically what Bidam was saying was true after all). But that all in the drama, history….we will never knew….hehehe

  53. Okay I was curious with the history of dukman a.k.a. Queen Sun duk. IF you have seen the drama, at the end. Bidam is killed and after Bidam dies, then Queen Sun duk dies. But when I read this history fact on this site, it is said that Queen Sun dies on Jan. 8th, and Bidam is executed on the 17th? So if the history on this site is right, truely, the ending of the drama is messed up or is twisted.

  54. I share the same view with you regarding Bidam. It was only in the drama series that he was Mishil's son. I am thinking now that scenes in the drama are not really true to life or did not really happen. maybe they just added that to make the story beautiful. I am now thinking is it true that queen seon deok fell in love with kim yusin and bidam? considering that in the history she got married with another man not portrayed in the drama series. hay… i'm so confused now. and also historical accounts did not mention that deokman was abandoned as a child and had lived in the dessert.

  55. hahaha….you're welcome…

    surely you need to watch back the first 10 episode ne~….hahaha

    When Deokman still in the desert, she didn't know who is her father and why she & her mother (Sohwa) was abandon…she also wanted to know her true identity & why people want to kill her since she was born (as she knew Chilsuk spending about 15 years from the day she was born, chasing Deokman & Sohwa in order to kill them)….After Sohwa 'dead', her only clue was a latter from Munno that Sohwa really take care of before….so she assume that Munno was her father and start look for him (to know why she was abandon, why people wanted to kill her & to inform Munno about Sohwa 'death')

    Meanwhile, for Cheonmyeong, in order to defeat Mishil, she try to find Munno. As people in the palace mostly on Mishil side, she believe only Munno can aid her cause. She also want to know the secret that had been hidden so far (like why Chilsuk & Munno missing at the same time….etc)…that why she start looking for Munno.

  56. thanks HurulAini! I am so hooked with this show but there are many questions on the side as i watch…next question is why Deokman and sister were both looking for Munno? Didn't get that episode

  57. Hi!
    Thanks for the info. It is really helpful.

    I'd like to visit korea few months from now and I think it will be best to visit the places you mentioned like the Star Gazing Tower built by Queen seon duk…

    However, I'd like to know the exact location of that place. Do you know where is that exactly?..Lastly, do you know where the tomb of Queen Seon Duk?..I'm a big fan of the series and I know my tour in Korea will be very much fulfilling if I can visit these places.

    Hope you can help me with it.


  58. i answer both of your comments here okay ๐Ÿ™‚

    about Alcheon, i also not sure why he refuse to take the throne..its either he know that path will be difficult path to take…or maybe he just prefer to leads his life in sincere way, happily without bothering about power etc….well, i'm not sure either….but he has that characteristic to serve, not to rule

    in the drama, i really love to see Deokman have a good ending with Alcheon instead of Yuushin…hahaha….but luckily Bidam save the day…LOL….most likely he have feeling isn't it? Its hard for a man to serve a women they didn't love isn't it?LOL…that my personal thought anyway…

    about Bojong & Munno…i didn't read much about them….what i know that Bojong was really Mishil son & both of them once ware great Hwarangs….i will add more if i found anything interesting btw.

  59. I think only in the drama that Bidam was Mishil's son. In history, his background was not properly written, but if he really Mishil son…at least it should be written either in Mishil description or Bidam description.

    In the drama, Mishil abandon Bidam after King Jinji abandon her. It was in episode 2 or 3, earlier King Jinji promise to take Mishil as the Queen of the country, but after Bidam was born, King Jinji abandon her (as he knew Mishil kinda dangerous women to be queen of the country). Mishil left Bidam in King Jinji place (as she feel that Bidam will no longer useful to help her becoming a Queen), its was King Jinji whom entrust Munno to rise Bidam.
    When they re-unite 20 years later, its was too late for Mishil to acknowledge her son…she once abandon him after all.

  60. Bidam was the son of Mishil with King Jinji. That's what I read somewhere. But I don't know why he was not acknowledged by Mishil and why he was with Munno

  61. Hope you will post something about Bojong & Munno. I've read something about a "drink" & a "monk". Are these things pointing to Bojong? ๐Ÿ˜•

  62. I'm just curious, why Alcheon refused to take the throne? Is it because of Alcheon is not fully a royal blood? This man named Alcheon looks very loyal to Queen Seon Deok.

    …and, I've noticed that during QSD's reignings, both Queen Seon Deok & Alcheon are at their very young age.

    Oh, a sudden thought comes into my mind: ๐Ÿ’ก Maybe Alcheon had a secret feelings (special love) for the Queen…hehe. ^_^ ๐Ÿ˜

  63. jommmmmmmmm hehehe

    yes tengok cite history dorang kita pun rasa nak tahu dengan lebih lanjut pasal sejarah mereka…besar sungguh sejarah mereka sampai wat drama…

    sejarah negara kita pon hebat tapi….(isikan tempat kosong)

  64. ๐Ÿ™‚

    bila geng GO pi korea nanti.. kita lawat tempat ni yeee… *habaq nun kat lead tour, GO Waiem* huhuhu~ interesting very the interesting..

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